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I liked the special connections you can grow with everyone. It's such a small school, everyone knows each other. In such small classes yo get the chance to figure each other out without even being the best friends, you just learn the way they react to things with being together in a small class for one whole year. I do wish the staff had better communication skills. I wish we were better off economically. We need more teachers and more space. The school is growing, the more crowded the halls get, the more space in the building there needs to be for us students to get by after class hours. There needs to be more variety of sports.
I have atteneded Liberty from pre-K to my senior year. It has been an average high school experience, nothing too exciting.
We stay out of trouble pretty well
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Not very many people go out for sports but we are still pretty good.
I feel like we should do more hands-on
The school tries as best as the can to get us the resources we need.
The school is small and everyone knows everyones business.
They are pretty good. They work hard too help us
Its ok. Not a whole lot too say on this topic
The teachers try their hardest to help every student that they have. I like them!
The sports are ok. I mean there are some students that are involved in every sport then there are others that are not involved in anything. Athletes and Coaches take their jobs seriously for the most part.
The extracurricular activities are very fun and the after-school activities include sports
The school offers AP classes and the AP classes are challenging but they look awesome on the transcript
The teachers are really helpful. Anytime you need help in a subject they will always make sure you understand the assignment
Students are not aloud to wear spaghetti straps nor short shorts the are past mid-thigh but we can wear track shorts. The spaghetti straps are reasonable and so are the shorts.
I literally love this school. I came here my sophmore year and I'm so glad i did, i have made tons of friends
Our nurse has taken very good care of the students. She's very nice and helps when she is needed
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At Liberty High school we have a lot of sports. About 80% of my senior class of 2014 are active in one or more sports. Our slow-pitch softball team made it to state my junior year and the fast pitch made it to regionals also my junior year.
we have a ton of cameras and someone is always watching the monitors that show what the camera is on.There is a resource officer that is always walking around making sure no one is doing anything that could hurt someone else.
There are many organizations that I lose track of them. The athletics is wonderful! A lot of the kids that are not in sports show up and support the ones that are. A lot of the admins. are there as well.
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