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It is good and the staff is great. I really liked my senior year of high school because I had half day at a community college classes and the other half at school so I think that was a very nice experience. Everything was good until the corona virus hit though. Its been tough taking classes like this through the computer but I think I can adapt to everything going on and be thankful that I am healthy.
What I like about my high school are the teachers. They are very passionate and insightful. You'd even get to sit and talk to them during lunch. The education was pretty decent, and teachers want the students to learn. Another thing about my high school is the people. You could talk with pretty much everyone in your class, and being a small school you get to know everyone. The only thing I would like to see changes in school is offering more elective classes. There are very few electives that students are very interested in. Many students complain about this because they don’t have the class they want to take. So if the school can offer more classes then everyone will be happy.
Liberty High School is a great school and has a small population of kids. You get to know everyone at the school and have the same friends since elementary school. We are located in a small community which is nice.
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It is a very racist school until we just got a new principal Mr Piedra who is the best and is really changing our school for the better he is a great influence to our school compared to the past years even the staff was different.
I love the student involvement at Liberty High School despite the fact that we have such a small population. Students and staff support each other at events and come together to participate in our many activities held on campus. Our school could have a more diverse and open-minded culture and teachers that are more passionate about what they teach.
Overall, my high school experience has been good. The faculty as of now really care about the school and the students. The school has a lot of options to participate in and the people here are very inclusive. I didn't grow up in the area, but the students and staff still make me feel very at home and they've grown to feel like family.
Liberty High School is one of the best high schools in the central valley. LHS offers a variety of courses both the high school and college level for students to pursue their college and career goals. The staff at LHS is amazing and always willing to go out of their way to meet the needs of their students. The community atmosphere and support is also a special feature at LHS. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
What I like about Liberty High was the fact that it was a small high school. I hope in the future though that they offer a variety of classes besides history, science, math, English, and agriculture related classes. I hear that other schools surprisingly have classes that relate to criminology. I myself want to be a police officer when I graduate from college. Another thing is that Liberty High should show more recognition to the Boys Soccer team.
I like how the teachers are super helpful and the environment is so welcoming and friendly. They always make sure you're doing good.
Liberty High School is a small school which allows for close and personal relationships to develop between teachers and students! Our Principal knows everybody by name!!! We have fun activities such as rallies and dances where participation is high!
Liberty High School is a small school with the average class size of 120 students. It is located in the countryside of Madera, California. The school has many pros and cons because of its size. You get more of a personalized education in a sense because the teachers and staff know you by name. Liberty High is also very sports oriented. We have very good sports teams all across the board even though our size is small. Because of the low population at Liberty, there is often drama that you would not find at other schools, but nonetheless, I would recommend this school to just about anyone.
The small school made it very easy to receive one on one help from teachers and administrators. The problem also falls under the small size of the school, with a school this small there are far less opportunities to experience, unlike the larger schools.
Liberty is very small, but very academically proud. I have had the pleasure of attending for 3 years, and I have always felt safe, college ready, and included.
The teachers at liberty are great. they are always helpful an truly care about their students. almost all of them go above and beyond in their work.
I loved the classes offered but I wish there were more options. The athletic were very good and I loved the teachers and staff.
The teacher always did their very best and always wanted to benefit the students. They were always available outside of class and you established a personal level with them and respected them.
Only downside is the fact of it being a small school, we don't have many AP options.
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We have a lot of different cultural backgrounds at our school.
The teachers are amazing. Recently we have gotten a bunch of new teachers and not all of them are that great. We did lose a lot of great teachers to other places.
In my four years here I have only seen one fight.
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