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Liberty concentrates on the basic requirements for high school graduation and doesn't have many extra-curricular opportunities. Our daughter was student-council president and really enjoyed several community service field trip opportunities. But there are no formal after-school activities.
We were so impressed with the teachers' engagement and knowledge of their students and care about their success. They taught well and their grading was consistent and fair. They were encouraging and gave the students a lot of grace, especially when it came to turning in assignments on time and turning in corrections, etc.
Liberty does a good job of providing a safe learning environment.
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It was the right school for Alifa. She was able to work hard and take independent studies to complete her requirements for high school graduation early. Also her personality and leadership skills were encouraged and appreciated. She had a really good year at Liberty, where her self-confidence and motivation to learn were restored.
It has been a great experience, and i have learned a lot. I am just really happy that was able to attended this school and that i was able to make it this far. This school has made me successful.
Within the school it's not bad and there's a vast support system in the school for kids dealing with issues at home.
There's absolutely no activities offered.
I wouldn't choose Liberty again, personally. I think it's a great school for people who have fallen behind but I just did not fit. I feel like I could have gotten a lot more out of a more challenging experience and Liberty just cannot offer that.
Liberty had some of the greatest administrators that I've ever seen at a school. They all care so much about the students. The principal is very involved and is always seen in the halls or classrooms talking to students and making sure they're on track or helping them get there. The counselors are always helpful, I went to my counselor quite a bit during my time at Liberty and she was always outstanding. Security wise I never felt unsafe despite Liberty's bad reputation from being an 'alternative' school.
Before even graduating I knew that I wanted to go to college, I knew what I wanted to go to college for, and had pretty much everything planned out. However, I also knew from the quality of my school that I would more than likely not feel prepared to go out and act on those plans. I feel like I didn't learn anything or get anything useful educationally from my time there. The staff is great and they try very, very hard but the students are for the most part just god awful and that causes enough issues that it's hard to really get anything out of it. Not stopping me, though. I'm confident in myself to figure it out.
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