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I have enjoyed being in Liberty for ten years. The teachers were always caring and had the students' best interest in mind. The Janitors kept the schools spotless, the floors always reminded me of a mirror. The music and sports programs we're highly known in other schools for winning awards. I enjoyed my experiences at the schools in the Liberty school district.
The connections you get to have with the teachers.Along with the lack of drama except in the cheerleading squad.
I've had a wonderful experience, I'm just so ready to start a new adventure and move on into a better life. Thank you, LHS!
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I enjoyed the academic competitiveness and the school culture as a whole. I feel that as a whole, Liberty High School has prepared me for my future endeavors in both college, and in the workforce.
Liberty High School is very small and has offered me so many opportunities! I am a part of many programs and am happy to say that the teachers from my small community invest in me, inside and outside of the classroom. Although we lack some resources that bigger districts are capable of providing, I’ve had a successful education.
My experience in Liberty has been great and I've learned a lot from my teachers. I appreciate all my teachers and their knowledge and dedication for their teaching. I've made friends easily and everyone is very nice. I wouldn't change my school for another one.
I believe Liberty is a dissent High School but I would like to see more activities made for students. Such as more foreign languages, more teams and clubs. Also would love to see more school spirit. Our school does not get excited about much and it makes it hard sometimes to be motivated about the activities I'm in.
I thoroughly enjoyed my time at LHS! The teachers are the best, and the rest of the staff just felt like family. Everyone is super helpful in any way possible. Thank you, LHS, for the four wonderful years, and I wish you many more great years ahead!
My time at LHS has taught me many things. From lessons in the classroom, to life lessons gained by teachers and peers, Liberty has played a vital role in my success.
I learned the value of hard work, how to create and make connections, establish friendships, and how to manage my time to the best of my abilities.
Liberty High school taught me that no matter where you come from, you can always call this small school (and town) home.
I will always appreciate the community and its support and investment into my education.
The teacher's in this school could be better than they are but most of the ones here work very hard even when they do not have to.
The one thing the school worries about, is finding drugs or weapons on students, but don't spend the money on metal detectors or anything like that to keep it off the campus. The school nurse will send you home over anything and everything. Bulling is a BIG issue the school, but of course, nothing is ever done about it.
There isn't much to do outside of school except sports, and band.
The kids are very rude, and lack respect for other students, and teachers. I never enjoyed my time in high school, mostly because I was bullied and very unhappy with myself. I would never do it over again. I'm just hoping college is better and I actually get the education I'm looking for.
The teachers at Liberty High School aren't very interested in the students ideas, or questions, or interests. They blow off a lot of students, and are very late on grading. There are a few teachers there that are good at what they do, but the majority of the staff at L.H.S is lazy, rude, and unapproachable.
My overall experience is very good. The teachers are helpful and they try to help all students as much as possible.
Though there is favoritism anywhere you go, it is not hidden at all at this school. The popular students pretty much control the school. There are also A LOT of ridiculous restrictions, and the rules only seem to apply to certain students rather than the entire student body.
I loved the size of this school and the people in it.
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Having been at this school for the past one year, I enjoy the cosmopolitan atmosphere it offers and the challenges it has for the children.
Gymnasium is the only high quality facility. Everything else is either average or below average.
Variety of teaching styles, but only high amounts of effort in select teachers.
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