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Great enviroment and school! Staff is very kind and truly cares about each student. Great curriculum. There is something for everyone!! So many clubs and sports. Our school is very successful in academics and extracurricular activities! Every student feels like they belong. Parents are very involved with our school/students and contribute to help. Great administration who help make sure our schools are safe. Such a fun school to experience your teen years!!
I really enjoy my time in this school! My teachers are very understanding which is nice. I feel like I understand whats going on all of the time.
I am a senior at Liberty High School and had a really good experience with the teachers and rigor of courses. I feel ready for college next year!
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LHS is a great school, and I have loved my four years here. We have a fantastic fine arts department, but it isn't funded quite as well as athletics. However, we are getting a brand new fine arts wing next year, and it looks like it's going to be pretty amazing!
My experience with Liberty High Scholl has been a very positive experience. The staff and teachers are caring and nice and the counseling staff really cares for the students. I am sure with the new explanations to the school it will only get better.
When we moved to Missouri from Minnesota, we settled in Liberty specifically for the school district. On top of the core education, the fine arts opportunities are outstanding. All three of our kids have reaped the benefits of a school district that puts high value in fine arts.
I am so grateful to be able to of been apart of this school for 4 years. I met amazing people and had amazing teachers that taught me so many things that I am going to be able to take into the real world.
Liberty public school is a place you go to if you want to do Debate. In term of teaching staff you may get a few good one but most of them are not,don't eat the food and do not go to the counselor because they will do nothing for you.
As I first came to LHS as a Freshman, I was terrified. I remember walking in on my first day. I noticed several teachers, and staff members standing outside of the school, greeting us on the first day back from summer. I was already amazed by the kindness and respect that went on there. As the years went on, I noticed the relationships between the teachers and the students. The teachers you never forget. The teachers who you always wish to go back and visit. I see a group of kids standing next to supervisors in my school. No, they aren't in trouble. Every single period, they stop to talk to these staff members. I see them laughing, having a good time, and just being so kind. It is amazing to see such a comfortable relationship between the two. I know that some of the kids who stand in that circle, don't have the best home life. But if they can get away from that for 8 hours, and forget about it all, that's enough to make them smile and laugh a little.
Overall my high school experience has been very good. Many of the teachers are very supportive and helpful with both school and life lessons. Their academic standards are high and their sports teams and coaches are of good quality and spirit. I have never felt unsafe in the school, the security team and administration work diligently to keep the students safe. Additionally Liberty has one of the best special education programs in the state.
At Liberty, I have been through a roller coaster of experiences. Throughout my first year, I met many new people from different schools, and I got a new feel since the atmosphere was new to me. I made many relationships with teachers and explored myself a lot. I have learned a lot and the options for learning are almost endless. Whatever you are interested in, there is something there for you. However it is hard to always have friends to rely on, since people grow and change along with yourself. I would like to see people less divided. I would also change Liberty Hour to be extended on to lunch.
I would not change my experience or school because this is the school that my parents went to and I am continuing and finishing there and would not have it anywhere. I have had some of the best experiences there with the students and teachers.
At Liberty High School, I found that my education was the one thing I did not focus on. There were no consequences to receiving bad grades. I was active in orchestra and theatre and invested all of my time into the arts. The education that they offer there is outstanding though. They take time to make sure that every student understands and they are not afraid to invest extra time to help students out.
Its pretty fun to be in, the school allows the students freedom of choice when it comes to the classes they chose as well as letting them take very advanced classes when they are able to.
I believe at Liberty High School, I had an overall moderate experience. It wasn't amazing but wasn't bad. It was I would say average or good. I was an athlete, good not overly great grades and some good friends and some good times.
Liberty High School has provided me with resources to explore my abilities and gain skills. I am always able to reach out if I am in need of help, whether it is academic or personal. I am very thankful for the opportunities Liberty High School has given me.
My experience at Liberty High School was the true high school dream. Not only have I made lifelong friends from my fours years there, but Liberty has really taught me to mature and be responsible for myself. The classes have made me stronger and smarter and the teachers have really pushed me to my maximum potential. I am forever grateful for the time I have spent at Liberty and for the people I have been surrounded around.
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I really enjoy the inclusivity that we have here at LHS, as well as the opportunities that are given. NCAPS and NCC are programs that not all schools offer to their students, but LHS offers it to give their graduates a leg up on students from other schools. A piece of feedback I would give would be to offer more freedom of time when it comes to Liberty Hour and the beginning of school. Also, offer more funding to certain clubs and programs within the school.
All students have their personal device which benefits learning. Some teachers are good and easy to connect with while others do not have the best teaching style.
I really like how all the teachers are willing to help you with anything you need. If you are struggling with something the teachers are more than welcome to help you.
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