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Liberty is a very well knitt community. It is very small and is in the middle of no where. We do many activities with the whole school. Parents can be very involved in the schools activities. The teachers are very close to most of the students.
Good school, caring community, my teachers wanted me to succeed! The school is small and the teachers were great!
Teachers at Liberty School work hard every day to better the students and make sure that they are ready for the future no matter what they want to do. Liberty also has a great athletic department.
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The experience I have encountered throughout my entire school career has been not only astonishing, but fulfilling as well. Liberty High School has various astounding qualities. The school community is very close-knit, as we all travel the halls together, and every scholar is friends with one another. We are a truly a family at Liberty. I have grown up with my classmates and I know they will continue to be a part of my life as we grow as people. The academic features are extremely striking. The relationship between instructors and students is very strong, which enhances the level of education the students receive. I will truly miss walking the halls and speaking to my teachers on a daily basis.
What I loved the most about attending Liberty High School was, the sense of family throughout the years. Since we are such a small town, you know everyone's name from pre-k through high school senior. We love having new students and they get treated the same way everyone else does. I know this very well since I started school at Liberty in the 5th grade. Now all of the teachers know me, my family, and my friends. The people that I started out with in 5th grade are still my good friends in our Senior year. Not only do you gain amazing staff, you gain an amazing community that will stand behind you 100%. We ALWAYS celebrate others successes no matter how big or small. Liberty is blessed with the best staff in our area. Some students, such as myself, have grown outstanding relationships with the teachers as well. Anyone can go to a teacher, in confidentiality, knowing that they are just there to listen to our problems, or what is bothering us that day, or simply listen to a funny story.
Liberty is a great place to grow up. The community is so supportive and tight knit. The “everybody knows everybody” environment makes it a very welcoming and homey place. There are some downsides to going to such a small school, but I wouldn’t trade it for any other.
We have many choices for academics. However many are online and that is not the best way of learning for everyone.
I always feel safe at my school, but there are not many safety measures taken.
Our after school, extracurriculars are awesome. The coaches and sponsors do such a great job. However, our school board and administration do not support them. They charge extra high prices for participation and require sports to be practically full funded. Then you will rarely see any of them supporting the events at games or programs. The coaches and sponsors do an incredible job with the students though.
I love this school. It's a great environment. The teachers and everyone else involved in the school does their best to make the students' experience the best possible.
90% of the teachers go above and beyond, know what we're doing with our lives, and care about us. However, there are some teachers that specifically pick on students and are very selfish. The great teachers usually overshadow the bad ones. Expect for the days that teacher is targeting you.
Liberty is a small school full of small town farm kids. Although they can get on your nerves, they are a lot better than other students in other schools. At Liberty, the students, teachers, directors, and families join together to help with Homecoming Week and Can Out Day (my favorite times of the year). During Homecoming Week, we have games during lunch, dress up days, a dance, the big game, and the DECORATIONS. For a whole day, each grade gets a section of the school to decorate, according the theme. We eat pizza, listen to music, build (both decor and relations). My other favorite day is pretty unique. For one day out of the year, everyone brings in cans for the local food pantry. We stack the cans in front of the doors of every class we don't want to go to. If the stacking makes it to the "Canned Out" line, no student has to attend that class. The students and teachers, in the meantime, go to the gym and play games and chill.
All of the teachers at Liberty High School are amazing. They all engage students in the classroom (unless its first hour when everyone is tired). Each teacher seems to have an individual teaching style that is nonetheless effective. Since it is a small school, the teachers are genuinely concerned when their students are in need. They know each individual student, and will interact and help us. For the most part, they know what they are talking about, or they look up what something means with us. The teachers try to stay consistent with grading, but is hard when you are involved with the school like the Liberty teachers are. Most of the teachers have several different classes, are coaches, directors, or dedicated school sport fans. I highly recommend each and every teacher at Liberty.
The school is safe and keeps the doors locked. It also has visitor sign ins.
There are many clubs available, such as student council, fccla, and scholastic bowl.
The teachers are helpful, and would do it all over again.
I get a great education at Liberty.
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I've had many great memories and so many great friends!!! I never want to leave! I left in 4th and 5th grade but I begged my parents to move back and we did. I have never had better experiences than what I've had at my school. My friends are for life also. They are genuine people that you know are going to be there for you for the rest of your life. The small school atmosphere is real. We only have 198 students in our school. I love that! You grow up with these people. You learn their stories and experiences. You aren't just another number here. Also, the teachers actually care about their students and you can talk to them about anything. Liberty in general is just a big family that welcomes newcomers with arms wide open. We love our school and our community. I would definitely choose to do it all over again if I could.
They are very good teachers.
The guidance counselor and English teacher are very active in helping students prepare for college and standardized testing.
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