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Everyone at Liberty High School is kind and inviting towards everyone. Many people are passionate about their studies and/or their clubs. The teachers are also very understanding and they always want to help you out whenever you’re struggling.
I love the environment. The community we have established allows our school to become a family. Everyone is so supportive of each other and there is no fear of who you're able to trust on the faculty board.
LHS has a welcoming environment for each individual that comes through the doors. Teachers care about their students and want them to believe in themselves too! The councilors reach out to the students by creating group activities. THS offers many diverse opportunities and clubs to fit every personal interest. Overall, the staff cares deeply for their student's success!
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I overall had an amazing experience at Liberty. Everyone was very accepting, and the environment was very friendly. I always felt safe there especially because the principal took our safety very seriously. The teachers were always there for us too. They made it to where everyone was comfortable enough to ask questions and made sure they thrived in their class, but also they made sure we knew they were there for us if we were ever having a hard time. Everyone was very caring, and I made amazing friends and had amazing teachers.
Good school for the area, as a student it's not the best however it is for sure above average. Lots of different clubs with above average sports for participation.
I love liberty! It's a great school to be at! Most people are super nice and sweet. The teachers care for all of their students. Liberty is the cleanest and newest school in the Wentzville School District
I've been to many schools throughout my life, due to moving. This one certainly has the strongest programs and most caring teachers out of any school I've been too. It's still a pretty new building with a fun and caring principal, which helps a lot with the overall environment.
If you want to have a checkmark for just going to high school, then this is the correct school for you. It provides a sufficient amount of what is needed to graduate and that's about it. If you actually planning on being successful, you are better off attending the Rockwood, Ladue, or Clayton schools (somewhere else). Sure, the staff is fine and the students are fine, but the school puts more emphasis on sports and extra-curricular activities/clubs than academics. It lacks resources and effort in receiving these resources. In this district, success depends on what you do. If you go to this school, you might get into the 2-star colleges. If you push a little harder, maybe you will go to a 3-star one. There is an extremely small sliver of a chance for you to get into a 4-star college. It's almost impossible for you to get into an Ivy League.
I love the teachers at Liberty. They have a wide variety of teachers to help students learn every possible way. There’s different classes and opportunities for everyone at Liberty. There’s something for everyone no matter what way you learn and what you’re interested in
Liberty is a high school located within the Wentzville School District. It is the newest of the three high schools and 2020 graduates will be the first graduating class who began when the school encompassed all 4 grades (9-12). The staff are committed to helping students reach their potential. There are a number of opportunities to engage in sports or clubs. In addition, the Wentzville School District offers opportunities for students to follow their passions through partnerships with CAPS and Lewis and Clark Center.
I loved attending Liberty High school. Liberty was established in 2013 so it is fairly new. Since it is so new our school and equipment is in pretty good shape. Every teacher I have had seemed passionate about their job and willing to help. If felt like everyone wanted to see me succeed which is a very inspiring feeling. I have accomplished things that I thought I would never be able to do. For example, I finished anatomy with an A and was apart of the first girls soccer team to win districts. None of this would have been possible without the staff motivating me to do more. I'm grateful for the friends I have made here and I'm satisfied with my experience in all.
I like the courses and the layout of the school and the teachers, but don't like being forced out of group projects and the crowded hallways and the food is not good.
It’s amazing! The staff is wonderful and I always feel safe and at home. Everyone is respectful and treats each other with so much kindness.
Liberty High School is a school that has excellent staff and its main goal is to provide a safe environment. The teachers are all extremely caring and the work environment is one that you can thrive it.
What I like about Liberty High School is how most of the teachers are willing to help their students be college ready as well as helping them when they don't understand something. I also like how there are students that are open-minded, very accepting, and aren't quick to judge someone for how they look. I also really enjoy the amount of clubs that the school offers. I do believe that there are places Liberty could definitely improve in, but all together it is a good school to go to and be apart of.
I have had a wonderful time at Liberty, I'm a freshman and I've been here for only a semester. In this short time, I've met wonderful teachers who are there to teach and to help out. There's so much positive energy here at Liberty, there's a lot of clubs, sports, and so much academic support. There are so many classes you can take, a lot of options to find something that interests everyone. There's everything from Child development, to home maintenance, outdoor pursuits, and even business technology. That isn't even all of the classes they offer here at liberty. The best part so far has been "Freshman Bridge Walk," "The Greatest Homecoming," all the football Friday nights, and "Deck the Halls." There's always something new at LHS, like new this year, Winter Formal! So far Liberty High School has been everything that I expected high school to be like.
It's my first year here at Liberty, There are always opportunities to try new things, and get out and experience what high school is really like. In addition to the opportunities, there are so many kind people here at LHS. The students here make you feel so welcomed into this amazing environment. From the first day as a freshman being welcomed was the highlight.
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As a new high school, there is obviously many developmental processes that Liberty must go through before it can be on par with several other high schools in the area. However these developments are happening extremely fast, and the school will by far be the best in the area in very little time.
It was a new high school so we were able to set the culture and the traditions. Great faculty and student body.
Liberty has been a great experience. They are very welcoming to all groups and have made my HS experience something I will always be proud of.
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