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Many teachers are helpful, ofcourse you should be open to make questions. The food isnt that amazing. I had the luck to have very great teachers, many of them were kind. It also depends on the students behavior and attitude towards school.
My freshman year was the best year for me. During this time, I was able to have a lot of freedom and be able to enjoy all of the schools activities and sports they had to offer.
It takes time to get used to a new environment but I can atleast say that the 4 years spent there were spent well and enjoyed every moment.
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Though Liberty High School may seem very pretty on the outside it's not always on the inside. There's constant fights going on and the teachers don't put too much effort into teaching the students. But if you know what groups to hangout with and focus on your studies more than anything then you won't have a problem going to this school.
I like the environment of the school. The teachers and staff are very caring and helpful. The students are friendly and accepting. It is an overall positive school.
Liberty high school is a great school but I would say that administration only care about sport and not other programs. I would recommend as a new student to be involve in clubs, programs, and sports.
Liberty High School is a very good school. It has very good teachers and classes. Its a very beautiful school. Everyone there is very nice.
I had a good experience at Liberty High School. They give good academic opportunities like tutoring during and after school. I was more involved in the sports department for volleyball, weightlifting and flag football. Great teammates and coaches for all sports. Hardworking principal and administration.
I liked that some of the teachers really make a positive difference in our lives and educate us academically and to be a better person. I would like to see the way students are treated with little respect if they do not fall into a certain category to change. Not to mention the lack of college readiness opportunities and counselors to help through the college process to change. In addition I would like to see the guidance counselors attitudes towards helping their students to improve. When I go to my guidance counselor I expect to feel like there is someone that can help me with my academic struggles, but instead it seems to be the exact opposite.
I have only been in Liberty High School for two years because after my sophomore year I transferred over to Valencia as a Dual-Enrollment student. So I can only give my experience for the two years I've been fully enrolled. Liberty High School has its highs and its lows. I'd say there's a mix between the good teachers and bad teachers as well as good students and less behaved students. Some of the teachers seem very well invested in their students education and others just sit down on their computers all day while you fill out packets. Also, Liberty does have some troublemakers but as long as you are a good student you shouldn't have a problem. Liberty also has a variety of clubs, activities and sports to take part of. I took part of Band for a while in Liberty and it was a pretty exciting experience. And while the sports teams are not the best, the games are usually intense and captivating especially when facing rival schools.
It was a pretty good school. I used to go here back in 2016. I had some really good teacher that were passionate about the subjects they were teaching and that helped make learning better.
Liberty High School was very effective in its teachings and making student not feel overwhelmed. By holding little events like pep rally's and dressing up for spirit week is a real stress reliever.
Teachers would skip over subjects in school so they could finish the curriculum in time. Administration cared more about stopping fights than students doing well in classes. It’s currently a D school and it was a C school when I attended. It seems it’d gotten worse.
Liberty high school was life changing. In the midst of hormone changes, trying to understand life, and confusion of my future obligations, the teachers and staff were very helpful in guiding and molding me into a college ready student.
I like that Liberty is very diverse. I would change the way staff act towards students, the teaching skill, and the food.
I had a very satisfying high school experience here at Liberty. While attending Liberty I grew as a person and learned new things not only about education but myself and life. I've made strong connections with the staff at Liberty to help me feel a safer and more open environment. Teachers who saw potential in me challenged me and pushed me, guiding me every day.
Not good. Lunch is too short, got stricter on uniforms, principals change every year. Fights always happen. No diversity. 93% minority. Students don't like it.
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I would like to see more counci on students because some students go through things at home and the staff has no clues and they just attack students that has already problems at home and now they have to deal with staff at school is just too much stress on just a student
I loved to be part of the Girls Volleyball team for 3 years and also the National Honor Society. I also loved how certain teachers became like family and truly cared.
Liberty High school is a very diverse school. The students are rude and not so friendly.The teachers are very involved with students, but the students behavior in this school sucks. The counselors are also amazing. They are helping me a-lot through my journey. The college readiness counselor is great, she's super helpful and taught me a-lot about college and scholarships. The safety in the school is good. I feel as though the clubs and activities should be more projected within the school. There are definitely many areas the school needs improvement on but you can tell the staff are really doing their best to do what is in the best interest for us students.
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