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It's a really small school but it's pretty good. The teachers are nice and all except for a few... Very understanding most of the time. More strict when it comes to learning and getting work done. The only downside is that you can't go to the bathroom unless it's an emergency. You need a pass signed by a teacher just so you can get water, use the bathroom, etc.
Freshman year was great. I was learning how to adapt to high school while going to game nights, car washed, fashion shows, dances but then my school stopped providing these things. I haven't gone on a field trip since freshman year and my class adviser doesn't do much for us. We don't even know when or where prom is being held. I would like to start seeing teachers actually teach and more activities for students.
Currently I am a Junior here at Liberty High School and my experience here has been amazing. Liberty High school is a silver medal school it has a 100% graduation rate along side McNair and Infinity High school. We are a very small school who accepts 60 students every year. Out classes are very small so the biggest class size is 20 students. We have a lot of clubs like Art, Anime, Coding, Production, Robotics, Future Educators, Model UN, Peer Leading, Yearbook, Dance, Student Council, School Ambassadors and etc. Liberty High School promotes Respect, Honesty, and Dedication. We have fun celebrations for Black History Month, Hispanic Heritage, Talent Show, and the family Reunion every summer before the start of school. We offer a large variety of AP courses like Environmental Science, Stats, English lang and comp/ lit and comp, Calculus Aviery World History 🏰Calculus AB World History 🏰 US history Spanish language and culture in literature and culture
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I’m a student leader at Liberty High School and I can tell you the school is wonderful! We have a 100% graduation rate and all of our students go to a 4 year college. We offer numerous (12) AP courses and have a many clubs. We are a small school but we are a powerful school! We are proud to be one of the best schools in Jersey City.
Liberty is a great place to learn and make friends. Shy or quiet students have a great opportunity to shine. Love may not have some of the facilities and the other schools but the staff makes up for it by caring so much. It is a shame some students have poor reviews. School is what you make of it. If you take advantage of all of the opportunities then you will be successful and grow socially and academically.
I'm only a sophomore, and honestly the Liberty High School is a great school. With being such a small school it provides an opportunity for more students to shine academically. It has multiple leadership programs, Purging which is a program that allows student to go to school for half the day then leave around lunch and work. Opportunities such as those are great to be apart of not only for your personal gain but also for colleges and jobs. Yes, Liberty doesn't have sports but to make up for that we have a lot of in school activities and events. If you're to arts Liberty has an amazing art teacher constantly provides students with a chance to enter in different art competitions.
My experience of liberty in high school is amazing. All the teachers here are nice and helping. They help improve in subjects you need help in. They aren't a lot of students so teachers can concentrate on how you are doing. They have enough clubs for students to join. They provide good learning for students. It is not hard to get to classes either. They encourage you to do better and better.
The chances to boost my academic skills and the outreach of community service programs to gain positioning for my college years.
1.) All they are focused on is academics and not the well being of the student too.
2.) We don't have sports and barely have extracurricular activities
3.) We don't have a gym or auditorium
4.) They barely do anything about discrimination (such as homophobia, racism, etc). And if they do something about it, then it's stupid. Like why would you not let people speak their native language in school? I get what they were trying to do, but they went about it the wrong way.
5.) Barely any (if none) field trips a year
This school is trash! Students are restricted from using the restroom doing class unless it is an absolute emergency 🚨 In order to use the bathroom frequently during your classes you are informed to bring in a doctor’s note!! UNBELIEVABLE! As students we are UNHAPPY! Last week there was a rule enforced stating that students are prohibited from speaking their cultural languages to students who they are comfortable speaking it too!! What a DISCRIMINATION! Liberty high school is not a good high school if you’re trying to gain high school experience! The staffs including the janitor & the CIT agent act as if they have a high position in the building and constantly control and bother us! We also have no sports in the school, hardly activities we literally beg for a dress down day... This school is pathetic and fool of Hippocrates!
Honestly, Liberty is good academically but that is all they focus on. Nobody here really cares about the well-being of the students. For example, this school is boring. PERIOD ! As for seniors, there is nothing going on for us. No trips, no funds, no activities nothing. HOPEFULLY WE FINALLY GET OUR SENIOR MEETING AFTER THEY SEE ALL OF THESE REVIEWS !! (if you go to Liberty write an honest review)
Word to everything this school really weak like no cap, they try to control students every move instead of trying to help us get a good education, teachers always doing the bs like on everything I wasted 4 years of my education and life going to this school all jokes aside I shoulda went to my home school
This is a sad excuse of a highschool, the staff is incompetent and imprudent. Certain faculty members worry about the wrong things, they enforce strict rules upon us, that makes it seem more like a prison than a high school. I’ve only been attending liberty since last year and I’ve had more than enough of it. If you feel Liberty High School is your last resort, trust me it isn’t, I’m pretty sure your homeschool would be much better. I will admit however, if you’re interested in small schools that give you little to no freedom on anything, than definitely attend Liberty Highschool.
Liberty High School should offer more than it has. The school focuses more on getting the scores rather than making sure the students mental wellness is taken care of. The school has no sports and barely any extracurricular activities. Lot of the teachers in the school tend to pick favorites because its such a small school and i believe that is very unfair to all the other students. Also if you are of a certain race such as Hispanic the Spanish teacher will most likely be more responsive to you than they would be with the other students.
Liberty high school is a great school to Be in.The teacher make sure you do great in their class and help you when in need of help.
It's only good for academics. This school doesn't help students be well rounded because they don't offer anything else. No sports, clubs or activities. If you go to this school, you have to rely on grades to get into a four year college.
Liberty High School is an amazing school in an urban area with so many activities for those who seek them. However, Liberty High School can definitely try to give incentives to students more to do better. Additionally, its scientifically proven that students learn best in hands on activities so more of that needs to be implemented. And lastly, though its understood that we have a low budget we should fundraiser as much as possible to start up sport clubs, etc...
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I never witnessed a fight in this school. It's very comfortable and you don't get dizzy by the number of students since we all know this is a very small place. Depend on your preferences you should either love or hate the fact that this school is not as big as others. You get to know everyone in your grade, and that's something great if you like social interaction. Don't worry, if you are antisocial like me, you will also fit into this environment. Quiet, comfortable... Am I the only one who dislike big classroom with more than 30 students? Well, Liberty does not have that. Teachers DO NOT have preferences in students. If they call your attention is because you were doing something wrong. Do not complain!
The school work is precisely enough and great to learn what is needed. We have around 6 clubs going on right now. The teachers are extremely nice. It's true that we don't have as much financial support as other schools, but I always see the staff trying to attend our concerns.
this school is terrible. the teachers are unfair and have favorites, meaning they show more compassion and respect towards specific students. and the school doesn't have clubs nor sports. the school has no gym, and expects us to go outside for p.e, which isn't very fun. especially during the cold months it's not fun. the bullying here is uncontrollable, and i cannot stand to stay in this school any longer. '
If you are looking for a small, family like environment, Liberty is the place for you which is why I loved going to Liberty, but it is a very small school. There are no sports, barely any arts and no space for a gym. The staff is great and very helpful.
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