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What I like about Liberty High School is the community. I've made a lot of new friends since I entered Liberty and everyone is kind to others. The teachers are supportive of me and try to help me do my best.
It has a very positive attitude, lots of support and great teachers! I can always find help whenever I need it, as every teacher makes it clear to every student that they are willing to help. I am very proud to call myself a falcon!
Liberty high school, like every other high school, comes with its ups and downs. I made some pretty amazing friends and created unforgettable relationships.
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Attending Liberty High School has helped me discover my interests within school. I have developed life long friendships at Liberty High School. During my experience at Liberty High School I have kept myself involved in school spirit by attending after school games and events as well as being apart of teams. I have had a positive experience at Liberty High School and have learned a lot about myself while attending high school. I enjoyed meeting new people and discovering how I learn best. The staff and teachers at Liberty High School created a positive high school experience for me by encouraging me to keep my grades up and helping me stay involved in school. Overall, my experience with school has been a positive learning experience. However in my opinion Liberty could have done a better job helping students transition into college by having regular one on one meetings with each student.
I like that there are many helpful adults at the school, however there are some unnecessary security guards that walk around and act like the teenagers at the school. There is decent food every day that most kids eat. Although there are some very strict teachers, they are just trying to push kids to be better versions of themselves.
I would love to see a change in the environment at Liberty. Not only in the kids but in the teachers as well. I believe teachers create a large impact in students' learning and at Liberty there is a problem with teachers playing favorites or just do not want to be there supporting and helping the students. Liberty has a fun atmosphere when you are with the right teachers and staff, there are lots of people on staff that I love to spend time around. Almost all coaches of the sports teams and other activities at Liberty will find a spot for anyone who is willing to come out and put in the effort which is an awesome thing to see.
Liberty offered a wide range of classes for students to experience different career pathways. Each of the pathway courses can be taken to fit the student's interests in their hobby or their dream career.
Currently, I'm only a freshman at Liberty High and started our second half of the year not too long ago. Although I haven't been here for too long, my experience here has actually been a lot more enjoyable than I anticipated. Football games are probably the highlight of my time here. They're so much fun and a great opportunity to just have fun and be yourself. The dances are not my favorite because that's not really my thing but everyone else seems to enjoy them and have an amazing time. My favorite class is definitely Leadership by a long shot. It's a great way to get involved in various activities and represent your graduating class. I'd definitely recommend Liberty to anyone who is considering which school to go to.
It was alright but then they started putting in these useless security measures that just annoyed everyone, including the teachers. They completely closed off the patio and hallways where many people ate lunch and now there's no room for everybody in the cafeteria. I do like that many of the staff generally trusts me and listens to my requests about changing classes and when I left my homework at home. Although, they probably only trust me because I'm a straight A student. Another thing I hate is that they implemented a homeroom type of class but you're not allowed to work on the things you need to get done. They should change it to a study hall and assign a teacher for you to check in with or stay with if you have nothing to do.
I didn't like the students as much because everyone is for themselves. The teachers don't listen. When I look back at it, I was a terrible student and continued acting out, but I had no problem telling people why I was acting out because there was a lot going on at home with my parents. I expressed my frustration with my teachers and one of them ended up throwing it in my face, calling me my father despite all the stuff that she knew he did to me. That teacher still works there and none of the other teachers were willing to help me with my psychological issues.
When I first got to the school I was welcomed by caring teachers in my freshman year. They were all nice. The school lunchroom was a decent size and the food was okay.
I like the atmosphere and opportunities that Liberty has to offer. There are so many clubs and activities to do! I wish they had a better science program, but I have been very happy with the math and english programs.
I really enjoyed my high school experience. I was a transfer student in the middle of my freshmen year. I initially was very nervous as I did not know anyone. However, I felt comfortable right away as staff was very supportive and nice. The student aspect was also very welcoming as well.
I met really great friends there as well as fantastic teachers. Many of them were very committed to mine, and other student's success as well as being very friendly and inviting. The administration was really poor. My "counselor", who I only went to for schedule changes, was really unfriendly and would refuse to do a lot of changes, even if it meant not being able to complete your career pathway. Everyone eventually learned to skip past her and go straight to the Dean of Students, who was a really good guy and was always willing to help students with their schedules.
I love that Liberty is such an open and welcoming school. Classrooms are very welcoming and every teacher that I've had is open to helping outside of class time. Security is supposedly increasing this year which is an important thing for the school as a whole. At Liberty, the best is always pushed for.
I liked the teachers, counselors, and staff from Liberty High School. The diverse student population was also a big important factor, especially for the minority who want to be represented.
I liked that a lot of my teachers were down to Earth and would go to great lengths to see students succeed. I enjoyed many of the clubs that Liberty had to offer, and even founded and run some myself. I'd like to see improvement in administrative accountability, in implementing sustainable practices, in mandating that students pick up after themselves, and in achieving higher levels of overall student involvement.
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My about to be four years experience in Liberty has been good. The teachers and staff I met there treated me with respect and didn't had any issues with. The school offered many courses, including ones outside of the campus which were great. I'm glad that I will be able to graduate from Liberty as my first and last high school I've attended to.
Liberty is okay. Hillsboro school district overall sucks. I don’t like it. In middle school I got bullied and the teachers at Poynter didn’t do anything.
Compared to other high schools I've been to, Liberty seemed to care more about academics and college preparedness than others. I felt more challenged in my Liberty classes than in other schools and left high school feeling prepared for college. I think the school could be more LGBTQ+ friendly by having administrators have more training about diversity and equity.
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