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Liberty is genuinely a great school for both academic and social students. There is a group for everyone and everyone knows they have a place and are able to belong. The workload can be stressful at times, but the teachers are usually very considerate to student needs.
My experience throughout my years at Liberty was average. Everything that you see in movies exists. All of the stereotypes in their own section of the school. The faculty and staff are nice and like to acknowledge all of the students. Liberty is a very culturally diverse school and everyone supports one another. All sports teams are supported by the wide range of students; especially our football team. Liberty has a club for everyone’s personal liking. Although liberty isn’t the perfect high school, it makes up for it with its student body and character.
My experience at Liberty High School is awesome. Because of all the fun events that are held at school. We have tons of clubs that are helpful to our community that we also student can learn from. What I like about my school is the sports team. Our school is well known for our football, volleyball, basketball or baseball players. Like last year our football team was able to beat Bishop Gorman who we have been struggling to beat (same goes for other schools). One of the player was able to amaze tons of coach that went to the game. Our academic is also good, this year there were announcements and posters of the honoral students that have pass a test or keep up with their grade. I think the biggest one I’ve noticed is “DECA,” a classmates of mine took that class, I think it’s about business or more, but I think it’s a great benefits for these students who are trying to become businessman or businesswoman. There’s a great improvement at our school, so it’s good.
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I moved to Las Vegas last summer from California, so everything was kind of new to me. Making friends wasn’t as hard because most are very open. The school also had good spirit and decent teams. I loved their dance team and as a somewhat dancer, I was very interested in joining. The teachers are very kind, cared about students, and got things done which is some thing I value. The counselors, or at least mine, is very helpful. She was very thorough with things I wanted to know more about and was so supportive. She took the time to explain and sort of guided me. Some thing I personally don’t like is the fact that you can’t take classes that are above your grade level. In California, I was taking classes above my grade level to give me time as a Senior to take one or two college classes. I want to be able to take higher classes now, so I’ll have time to get a part time job as a senior. Overall, I really enjoy the school and can’t wait to go back next year, surprisingly enough.
My experience at liberty high school was truly amazing and awesome in every way. Not only is the school very diverse but the sports are amazing the clubs are amazing just anything you can imagine that the school was perfect and spot on. Of course you have the fights at breakouts sometimes not all the time sometimes but that’s normal every school you go to. Liberty high school has impacted my life in a numerous of ways it got me ready for college they took time out to break down the ACT for us and they paid for it. Safety at the school is also very well they have somebody at the front doors when you walk in they have the police officers on campus at all times in the environment is just a family Safety at the school is also very well they have somebody at the front doors when you walk in they have the police officers on campus at all times in the environment is just a family.At liberty you never have to wonder if you’re going to fit in because there’s deathly a group for you.
Liberty High School has been my home for the past four years and I am very prideful in saying that. Led by the best principal in Las Vegas, Derek Bellow, it is a safe environment for us students. I was apart of the baseball team for four years and I enjoyed every minute of it. Liberty has provided quality education and quality counselors that have helped me get to colleges I am interested in. Now, it just comes down to the money side. Nonetheless, I am very proud to call myself a patriot.
Liberty High school has been my home for the past four years. This school has had a major impact on who I am and has helped me find my identity. In particular, the large selection of electives to choose from have helped me decide what I wanted to pursue in college. From art to anatomy to even robotics, I have been able to explore all areas of different studies.
I think the music and performing arts programs deserve more attention. Liberty mainly focuses and funds for sports teams. However, it is a very diverse school and everyone seems kind.
I’ve had a great time at this school. I haven’t had any issues and all of my teachers have been great influences in my life. My school has also done a great job coping with the recent pandemic and making sure students and families are safe.
My experience at Liberty High school been fairly good. It's a diverse school that performs great in sports. The school is doing better in academics as it's pushing for students to better each year. I hope years from now the school will be higher ranked and have more money funded toward the students education.
I have been there for 4 years and the people and the environment is very comfortable. I have enjoyed my time at this high school and I would not have trade it for another school.
As a student with a plethora of family problems in high school, Liberty offered me an escape from my home issues the a supportive staff who was always willing to work with me to ensure that I was offered not only a great education, but also an open door in times of need. Words will never describe how much this school impacted the path I took and changed my life.
What i liked about Liberty Highschool was the staff and students. There were no stereotypical cliques and the teachers were always so attentive. They made you feel cared for and they really wanted you to succeed.
Liberty High School tries to achieve every student's goals. Whether, student's goals is to be successful in life, Liberty is on point! Many students are active in clubs and sports. Our sport teams are very successful and exceeds in their sport. Students in sports, clubs, etc. are always near the top of their class. I do have to mention the fights but overall, Liberty has taking care of those situations and the numbers have been decreasing every year. Students feel somewhat safe because of the administration, teachers, and officers.
Liberty High School was an intriguing experience. Though I hate waking up at five in the morning, teachers for the most part are understanding, the student council always does their best to make sure every student feels included, and the school is rather peaceful. The only thing I’d change would be the role of the counselors. They should be more engage with upperclassmen to prepare them for future plans with college. I was not told of the SAT or the part it could play in my decisions and upcoming college applications.
I started off at as a new student at Liberty High School school during the first semester of my junior year. I was so nervous, but I can honestly say that Liberty High School has some of the most kind students I have ever met. The diversity is amazing, everyone is very encouraging, and will tell you that you're pretty, or that they like your outfit. The teachers are amazing, they really care for their students, and overall the school administrators make sure that coming to school everyday is something that we will enjoy.
Liberty has a great school culture that is very involved with athletics ,but compared to others schools in thew surrounding areas Liberty lacks the general education retention in its students.
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Its a very good school, lots of club activities and options to be involved. Good courses for those who want to push themselves and good sports division.
Liberty was just an "alright" school. There wasn't anything so bad about it nor was there anything exceptional. Considering it is a school in Nevada, the education is not the best. The AP teachers are really good but other teachers, like math did not know what they were doing at all. The counselors are alright but they don't really care about students. Most of the faculty really only care about the athletes and really turn their heads the other way about other students.
I like that Liberty has a very inviting community. Even from the sports teams to the gaming clubs we all support each other. As someone who is in theater I've gone to many football games and I've grown to know multiple members of the team that come out to see our productions.
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