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The good experiences I had at Liberty High School were all related to the music program. The parents and students work really hard to continue to keep it alive. I think the education system should really consider investing in music more. It has so many benefits to students. Music was a gateway for me to make more friends and feel like part of the school more. Music also helped me improve in my math and my organizational skills. I think the county looks at music education as a token class or an elective class to keep students busy in between the "real" classes.
I liked Liberty because they give you opportunities to take Dual credit classes and AP level classes to help get you college ready. I really liked my guidance counselors. They help you find and apply for scholarships and make sure you have all materials you need.
There are many great teachers that care about their students, but there are behavioral problems at the school that aren't addressed properly.
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I enjoyed my time here and it is an experience I will never forget. Everything I have done and all the people and teachers have been amazing. There are some things with administration that I feel, as long as many of my fellow peers should be changed as well. No matter what my school has gone through, it will always be something I hold close because it is where I grew as a child into a man and who I am now is a product of everything I have learned or seen through the 4 years I have been here.
I like the atmosphere of the school. I went to Liberty as an out of district student and all my classmates were very welcoming and I have developed some of the best friendships there. Something I would change about Liberty is being able to go outside when we eat lunch.
Throughout my years in Liberty High School, I found it difficult to find any redeeming qualities that I could list for this review. Liberty did not fully prepare me for my college classes (most notably math), and was overall not a suitable or safe school for students.
Like all high schools, Liberty has its ups and downs, but I would never want to go to another high school. There are so many teachers and councilors that truly care about the students that go there and they really make a difference in our lives.
Majority of the staff were really nice, and cared for the students. However there were some who treated students unfairly. Thankfully, those have been dealt with.
I have spent almost four years at liberty high school, it has brought me so many memories and taught me things that I will take with me for the rest of my life. It has brought me closer to my teachers and friends and helped me build relationships that will last a lifetime.
I like how the teachers interact with the students... they always make sure everything’s okay. Liberty high school is really fun we do a lot of fun activities but the most important thing is that they always keep you on track with your work and what you need to learn for college! That is very helpful, it is an amazing school the kids are very good they are very helpful and it’s just amazing how one school can be so good that when we go places to help the people call and tell the teachers that we were really amazing and that they are very proud of us and that they would be very great full if we came back again and helped.
Liberty High is a great school and has a very welcoming environment. You have teachers that care for you just as you were their own. Liberty High as a whole helps you succeed for sure.
I liked that the staff was nice and polite. They would go out of their way to help students at times. I would love to see this school get some much needed upgrading though. My mother was in high school when they first built it.
I love Liberty. Most of my family has went and graduated from there. The teachers and atmosphere is great. I just wish we had updated facilities and more safety. Yet, I will be thankful for what we have.
Liberty was an amazing school the teacher know how to connect with their students. As a soon to be graduate I will genuinely miss going to this school. Everyone is so nice and they get to know their students personally outside of academics and sports.
Liberty has set me up for real world experiences and has led me down a path i know i will enjoy and succeed in.
I have enjoyed going to Liberty High School, LHS, home of the Raiders! I have taken AP/Honors classes and I feel that I have been prepared for my freshman year of college. My high school offers dual credit classes that I have been able to take and feel they have prepared me also. I participated in athletics, clubs, and peer mentoring while attending LHS. Liberty has great counselors that are eager to help and assist in any way possible.
I would love for Liberty to prepare us for life. Book work and things like that don’t prepare us. We want to learn life skills, like balancing a checkbook, parenting, etc.
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I like how the school prepares us for college. Liberty is a close knit school everyone knows everyone, and with that it makes school more enjoyable knowing you have friends in every class.
Liberty is a very welcoming environment. The teachers do everything they can to help students be the best version of themselves. The only change I would ask to see made is the special circumstances a few students are given due to out-of-school relations with the teachers.
Overall, it's an all right school. Once you know it exists, that is. (You only do when you're forced to go here, though.)
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