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It was a very good school and most of the teachers were interested in the success of their students. I found that there were lots of different classes that one could take for anything that they were interested in. The AP classes were difficult but not impossible and most of the teachers were willing to help their students.
Liberty High School is a well rounded school. It gives you every opportunity you could think of to use for your future. At Liberty we are tested to our limits. You can see that not only through academics but through our extra curricular as well.
I had an amazing time at this school and have made so many wonderful memories while attending. The teachers are amazing, attentive to student needs, are proactive, and do a great job of preparing students for college on both the academic and social level. There are many organizations to get involved in and there are many opportunities to create your own clubs and organizations and leave your mark. I love this school and lets not forget that it's one of the best in the country!
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Liberty High School is a great place to be. For the most part, the teachers are great and the environment is welcoming. There are a million and one ways to get involved and make your high school experience more than just academics. The district makes sure that everything is constantly updated so for the most part, facilities are nice.
Liberty High School is an amazing and very welcoming school. The school spirit they have is unmatched. Their staff goes above and beyond to make the students learning experience one they will not forget!
As a current junior at Liberty High School, I have to say that Liberty is an excellent school for students who are motivated to challenge themselves. The school not only offers a wide variety of AP courses but also gives students many opportunities to be themselves. Although many students at Liberty are too competitive, I really enjoy the school environment. The teachers are passionate about their jobs and the staff is more than willing to help students. Regarding food, I have to say that Liberty offers good food options, although some of them are quite expensive. However, there are other food options that are worth the price.
Overall, Liberty is a great school that makes every student feel welcome and allows everyone to pursue their passions.
Liberty High is an incredibly diverse and academically talented school. The school allows students to seek their interests and find their passion, all while finding who they are. Everyone is equal, which is the most important thing.
Liberty gave me the proper tools to attend and succeed in college. The educational courses, teachers, and post HS resources prepare students well.
Liberty has a very good community and care for each individual student as a person. I wish this school would have a greater diversity in the student body and activities.
Liberty has teachers who really care about their students. They go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and make the class time engaging and fun. The food is good and there is more freedom in this school than at other schools in the district. You can choose where you would like to have lunch, for example, and are not confined to a particular location. The pep rallies are lively but the football team does not usually win. The volleyball, basketball, and cheerleaders usually win everything. The school is very diverse and considered the "smart kids" school in the district but it's still fun. Clubs are active and allow for you to create your own club which is cool. Good place, making good memories so far.
Liberty High School is overall a great school to attend. The teachers and principal spend a lot of time helping students and overall focusing on the betterment of the school. Student council, and different leadership teams also spend a lot of time improving school experiences and school spirit. The academics and opportunities through the school are also great, helping a lot with future opportunities.
Currently, it is my first year at Liberty High School and it has gone quite well. The staff and administration are very kind and thoughtful. They always keep the students and their safety as the number one priority. The wide range of classes and overall education is excellent and rigorous when necessary. As much as I love the school, the one thing that I see it lacking, is the recognition for the fine arts department. All the fine arts classes do an amazing job at what they do yet they are pushed into the back of the school almost un-noticeable. Instead, all eyes are on the sports department.
The teachers are great, but academics can be tough. The administration is working towards making the school better, and many of the teachers are good at what they do.
Liberty was a great school for academics and we had a very diverse student body. The teachers are great and they make sure you are ready for college
The school is great, everyone is friendly and they teach you very well.The school is great, everyone is friendly and they teach you very well.The school is great, everyone is friendly and they teach you very well.The school is great, everyone is friendly and they teach you very well.The school is great, everyone is friendly and they teach you very well.The school is great, everyone is friendly and they teach you very well.
I really enjoy Liberty High School because it has a healthy social environment and a helpful staff. The reason why I rated it 4/5 stars is that although some teachers are very passionate, others are very unmotivated and are not good at teaching their course. The administrative staff is very kind and productive. The students aren't very rude and are very welcoming. Most of the teaching staff is willing to completely involve their students in activities and will go above and beyond to make sure they understand the material.
Liberty High school is a really prestigious school in their academics and curriculum. They offer a lot of career-focused courses that allows the students to experiment with their interest and build experience.
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I like how diverse Liberty High School is as it includes a variety of cultures and backgrounds. In addition, Liberty High School has dozens of clubs and organizations to choose from. Therefore, you will never be left without a group of friends to go to when needed. In addition, our volleyball and basketball programs are known statewide and our academic ratings are fairly high.
Liberty is the third high school I've attended. It feels less like a school and more like a day care at most times. The students have very little independence and feels like the school cares more about numbers of the student and the school work than the students themselves. However, the most of the teachers are great and always around to help you when needed.
because of the emphasis on grades and the small class sizes, it is a very competitive school. I would not recommend sending your kids here unless they start out there freshman year. My parents realized their mistake sending me and said they wouldn't have done it if they had the chance again. the kids are very inclusive and welcoming to new people. It isn't hard to make friends at all. Overall, if the admin shifted away from boosting their test scores and academic ratings in the district, the school could actually have potential.
Good school district. Would like to see more guidance for what to expect after high school ARD program is good except for when the students’ advocate changes. Having consistency for a child is important and even though some of the changes couldn’t be avoided I still believe having the ongoing relationship could’ve resulted in a higher level of confidence for my child.
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