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Overall I have had a good experience with the school and have not had any major issues. There are some truly amazing teachers at the school as well as some not so great ones. I have enjoyed the opportunity to be involved with many things
Overall, my experience has been good. There’s not much to say negative things about. I believe that the only thing that should really be improved upon is the way they care about their students and bring forth suicide awareness.
The academics and teachers are great, except for a few. The environment is very friendly and fun. The fine arts classes are Liberty's specialty, but the sports and clubs are lacking a bit. The band gets a ton of money leaving other important things behind. The tennis courts, for example, are so broken and cracked only one is truly playable out of them; The team has to travel to a park for their home games. Besides bad budgeting, the school is pretty good and I enjoy it.
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I enjoyed my experience at Liberty. The teachers and administrators are very supportive and encouraging. There is a wide variety of classes you can take. Personally, my favorite was Rocky Mountain High, which is a gym credit focused on outdoor activities you can do it Colorado--including rock climbing, kayaking, mountain biking, and rappelling. This class focuses on team building, conquering your fears, and challenging yourself. The atmosphere at Liberty is amazing and you feel so welcomed the second you walk into the school, whether its your freshmen year or your senior year. The school spirit is amazing, especially around football and volleyball games. Sports are competitive when you're trying out, but so much fun when you make it on a team. I would recommend anyone and everyone to attend Liberty for high school.
I really enjoyed the teachers and how they did not always want to put too much stress on their students and understood where they were coming from.
As a former highschool student at Liberty, I personally loved my time there. Most of the teachers were extremely nice and if you asked questions and payed attention they would always be willing to lend a helping hand. While I was there I did activities such as Marching Band, Theater, Scuba Diving, AP art, and was in 4 different choirs. Liberty has a large variety of classes, so that no student feels left out. If you are interested in the arts, they have almost every art class under the sun, whether its performing or visual. Same goes for sports, and basically any other degree. The only thing I would change is how they deal with some of the complaints made by students. I myself have had a few overall not amazing teachers, and they didn't make me feel comfortable asking questions or want to go to their class. Overall Liberty is an amazing school and I would encourage others to go there.
Liberty High School is filled with countless clubs and activities where you can get to know all kinds of people. By being in a semi-wealthy district, Liberty has had an opportunity to expand their programs and upgrade facilities to better support students hobbies and activities. However, I do wish there was more diversity and more of a mental health outreach.
Liberty is a very well rounded school offering everything to their students from Automotive and Wood Tech classes to state known performing arts department. As a student I feel I am being given the best possible chances to succeed from the opportunities that this school has given me. It is encouraging to be around staff and faculty that strive on helping the students achieve their goals, it is all around a great environment and a safe place to grow as a student.
Great school with great people if you find them. Like every school, it has its bad teachers, classes, groups, etc., but overall many teachers (especially higher level ones) genuinely care about students, as do counselors.
I believe Liberty is great in academics and teachers but has a plethora of unmotivated and distracting students. I would like to see better college preparation programs.
Liberty High School has been good to me for the most part. Overall, the teachers are very nice but sometimes they aren't the best at teaching, that isn't the case for all of them though. The administration is awful, except for the principle. I find some of the administrators not putting the kids wants first and only caring about themselves.
School shows to care about its students and their education. At the least our grade level counselor is very helpful and supportive with students and their futures. College and Career counselors also occasionally meet with and remind the Junior and Senior student body about preparing for graduation and planning for future, along with all the work for getting set up for college. From my knowledge and speaking with the staff, the credit recovery and aid for struggling students lacked for a little, but the staff seems to take notice and initiative in most cases I have seen. There have been a few discrepancies with people who are close to me and the principal with feeling their voices are heard or acknowledged, however the school is maintained well. New CTE programs were also introduced this school year for students interested in receiving special training and going straight into the workplace. I felt comfortable almost always at Liberty High School.
It was an okay school. Some of the teachers were awesome and others were terrible. Compared to other schools the education provided was above average.
Teachers seem to really care and help whenever possible. School just expanded to add additional programs.
Liberty High School is a standard school. Not much to complain or brag about. The theater program is particularly impressive as well as the school band. The college and career staff is very helpful and try very hard to get every student ready for either college, the military, or work after high school.
Compared to the other high schools I've been too, liberty is a really great school. The teachers and counselors are very helpful and I feel very comfortable. I think that some changes could me made, like making the scheduling process easier and making help more available.
Overall it's a great high school. Most of the teachers are very friendly. Graduation requirements got much harder for the younger students which is a bummer, but it's required by Colorado now.
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I have attended Liberty since my freshmen year of high school. It took me a while to get used to since I moved from a different school district, but I eventually grew on it. There is not much drama, fights, or usually major problems at our school. It even added a new facility this year for new classes!
Overall it’s just not a great high school, most people on here writing reviews have Never attended another high school. I have attended numerous high schools before liberty and when I transferred in, it was right before the end of my freshman year and I hated it more than anything. I still don’t particularly like being there but I can get by. It’s the kind of place with the kind of people that make you wince when you see the building
Liberty High School has been a good high school to attend. I have made many great friends at Liberty High School. I have had a few great teachers who have made my high school experience better and the classes more enjoyable.
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