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Liberty high school is a very good school. I have been there for 4 years and I have loved every minute of it. This school is like one big family.
I like that the School has explained about Our Grandson experience in the coming years. I feel that they will work with Us to make his High School Experience the best it can be.
I was a Freshman enjoying the introduction to new maths and the exit to French. The school was small. The gym was where I was most of my free time. My hobbie there was science and sports. The most of the essays was the literate technical definition of structural education facts. The education was stern and easy. The simplest thing was work/volunteering and after hour activity.
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Liberty High School is a small school. Sports teams are average but also competitive. There is not a lot of diversity. They will prepare you for the next level. Teachers are helpful and care about your success. Safety is of importance too.
There are many options for your own schedule building, along with unique teachers. The school is a big supporter of their sports teams, and fundraisers for them.
Liberty is a very good school with only a few problems. Most people at the school only support our football team. Many other organizations do not get much credit due to this.
I personally loved Liberty High School. I made a lot of friends and had fun experiences. The teachers were amazing and made you feel welcome. Everyone was treated the same and the environment was all around fun. The teachers also did a very good job trying to make learning enjoyable. I would go back if I had the chance.
It is a smaller high school with some very good faculty and some not to the best intersets of student's needs. Academically it is probably the lowest in our county.
I loved my time at Liberty. It was among the best four years of my life. I made life long friendships. Most of the teachers there cared for me not only as a student but as a person. I could approach a few of them at any time to ask for advice and they would always be there for me. The only problem I had with Liberty was the bug problem. There were stink bugs and cockroaches everywhere. That was the only bad part of the school.
What I liked about Liberty High School is that they do care about each and every individual that is a student there. They make sure you are passing with a good grade. I feel that their could be safety issues that could be fixed throughout the school but other than that Liberty High School is a good school.
I really loved attending Liberty HS. The administration as well as the faculty and staff truly cared about the well-being and learning of all of the students and kept the school in great shape. There was a lot of pride in our school and it felt like belonging to a family. The only thing I would do different within the school is offer more AP and college-credite courses at the high school itself. I feel as though the school is limiting students with the options that are currently available.
Although I excelled in my high school, I did so because of my pursuit for a better education. The school needs to offer more diverse college, and advanced classes. Most of the teachers are amazing but unfortunately the teachers hands are tied, as our state ranks very low. I will miss my school but am very excited to pursue my dreams.
I loved my four years here. The only thing that could improve could be more support for the marching band.
I have loved my teachers over the course of my four years hear. I do wish that we had more challenging course available here. I haven't had much of a challenge in my course load at this school. Overall, it's a good school, but I'm super excited for graduation.
My experience at Liberty high school for all 4 years of my high school career were mostly good memories. All the teachers and students were always so enthusiastic. We always had the most school spirit in the county.
I like this school. I have liked almost all of my teachers and classmates. The students make the school unique. I would go to this school again if i had to.
Most of the teachers are very nice and approachable. Most of their teaching styles are helpful and effective. All of the teachers are very knowledgeable. Most of the students show great interest in the students and their goals. The teachers have decent communication skills. The grading consistency is always good.
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Personay I love my teachers because my classes are actually academically challenging. So I put alot of effort into makung my 4.0 .
I love the sports here. There's a really big variety. Except lacross.
Personally I don't like the school because of the students here. Most of the students in my grade are inmature and very disrespectful. Especially twards the teachers. The teachers try to be nice to the students even when they are being very disrespectful. Also the students in my school like to break things. In the boys bathrooms there are no soap dispensers or paper towel holders because students like to rip them off the walls and they don't have any more funds to replace it because they've already replaced them 12 times. Also if you drink from a water fountain be careful because kids lkke to spit gum into the fountains.
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