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Liberty High School felt like an average high school to me in terms of going to school. However there were many faults especially in uncooperative admin, disgustingly old bathrooms, and mediocre cafeteria food. Nonetheless most of the teachers were phenomenal and the programs were all great, not to mention the school spirit was amazing as well.
It’s a fun place if you choose to be the right person and learn to be friends with everyone. Stay on task and try new things!
I had an alright experience at Liberty. I liked how much school spirit there was, and how packed and fun all the sporting events were. Most of the teachers are super involved in school activities, which was nice because it allowed you to get to know your teachers very well. This is very handy when it comes to letters of recommendation for college!
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Definitely a good school. I would like there to be a better diversity scene and more applicability to black students. Also, the administration is not in the best interest of the students. Does not provide equal educational opportunities.
The only upside to my time at liberty was the education i got from my 2 AP teachers. They were the only teachers I had my whole time at liberty that made my education worthwhile.
Liberty High School is the best school in its district. The staff is incredibly helpful and go above and beyond to help students out. I have not had one teacher I disliked- they all want what is in your best interest. The students can be a bit closed off, because the town is small, many of them grew up together. It can be hard for new students to make new friends, but there is a place for everyone. The campus is safe, and the environment is calm. Liberty is like one big family, and the school spirit is admirable.
I LOVED my school experince at liberty!! all the staff are super caring and really love what they do. the school its self really tries to get you involved and helps you learn how to interact with other students
Liberty has a variety of classes, but not all of the teachers are great making it a harder experience for students.
So far I really like liberty high school The teachers and staff are very helpful and dependable. I am on the varsity girls soccer team and the girls and coaches are amazing I feel like I have learned so much not only about soccer but about life as well.
Liberty high school has very diverse programs and clubs to make everyone feel welcome and at home. There are equal opportunities for everyone to become their best self. All staff members are hardworking and caring.
I loved the resource they offered to get you prepared for life after Highschool! As well as all staff being very supportive and attentive to everything & everyone. I also loved how involved the school was by all the enjoyable rallies and fun activities they Would put on!
I like how most of Liberty's teachers care about their students' well-beings. They emphasize mental and physical health over grades, which is nice as a rigorous student.
I like the teacher involvement and the staff involvement into the school. The students all try to include everyone and unite with each other. What id like to see change is bullying rates and more help for those who are bullied or cyber bullied, I’ve noticed an increase in both the past few years. I’ve also notice more fights occurring which needs to stop. We shouldn’t fight, instead of fighting we should use our words and talk our problems out to get peace with all of us within.
I love the AP teachers at Liberty, however, some AP teachers tend to be narcissistic and possess a God-complex when it comes to students' grades at the end of the semester. Overall, I would recommend an incoming student to get involved and take an abundance of AP classes!
I am a senior and have enjoyed every year at Liberty. The school offers something for everyone. WHether it is a sports or a club, Liberty has it. I could not imagine going anywhere else.
The school has a great art program but. With really amazing art teachers, but the principle treats the school like a prison. There so strict theres only one person allowed in a bathroom at a time.
This school is an alright school. The school does a good job of balancing the spotlight on sports and the arts but does push sports quite a bit more. It is filled with a few excellent teachers but a lot of below average teachers that don’t try or care what their students do. I would say I enjoyed my experience there because I made a lot of friends but at the same time the school lacked in good security and had quite a few fights break out while I was there. It was an interesting experience to say the least.
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At Liberty we have a strong sense of pride and community. Our school is very unique because there is a range of activities that you can be involved in. We also honor and appreciate every group and club at our school with respect. We are moving towards modernizing our school with new structures.
Liberty is a great school for students looking to get a quality education. Students are friendly, and teachers are great at helping you with whatever you need. I'd like to see more equal treatment for all sports/clubs, however, and not just men's sports.
The students are very welcoming and are involved in the school activities. The teachers are invested in making sure students succeed. The school is very inclusive and provides a good environment especially helping students reach their full potential.
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