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I had a wonderful experience at liberty high school. Most of my teachers were amazing and they helped me get ready for college. If you need help the administrators will do the best they can for your situation.
I love the teachers at Liberty High School. They really care about the subjects they teach and the futures of their students. I also love Liberty's focus on the arts, from band, to choir, to art electives. There are so many choices you can choose from if you're passionate about art. Liberty also has tons of clubs, there's pretty much something for everyone.
It is an amazing school with outstanding teachers and so many opportunities. I loved the teachers and coaches. They spent time with me when I needed extra help and made their lessons easy to understand through their methods. I am proud to be a hurricane.
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There’s a lot of great things to be said about Liberty. You’re not going to find another high school in the Lehigh valley that has as much school spirit as Lib. The teachers at Liberty are truly passionate about their jobs and are always there for their students. They are always more than willing to help before and after school if a student is struggling. One of the best things about Liberty is the diversity at that school. As you walk the halls, you can see students from different backgrounds all under one roof, not many schools have that. Don’t even get me started on the wide range of extracurricular activities you can participate in, there is literally something for everyone(there is even a jigsaw puzzle club). The only downside to Liberty is that there’s not enough student parking spaces. If you want to get a good parking spot, best believe you’re gonna have to get to school at 6:50. Especially in the fall when the band students have early morning rehearsals.
Very great school with an amazing and caring staff great at preparing young adults for college amazing atmosphere of students with ample amount of opportunities
In Liberty high school some people are really great and people can find themselves in clubs ,activities And sports.
I would like Liberty to be a more diverse community with more involvement considered from minority students.
I liked all of the clubs that were offered. They have an amazing arts department and participating in theatre was amazing. You were able to be a part of a family outside of school and you could develop great friendships. The music program was also amazing allowing students to take both Band and Chorus as classes during the day.
Challenging, but does not separate students well based on academics. The teachers are very old-fashioned and the classes are okay.
It’s high school, it’s okay I guess in all honesty i’m only filling this out for a scholarship but uh go canes
With many different races and religions all in one school it would be common for there to be alot of conflict. But from what I have experienced most people there handle their differences in a mature way. But like every other school this school is not perfect. For the most part Liberty is a very welcoming school.
Liberty High School was a home away from home!! I woke up everyday wanting to go to school! The faculty, teachers, and students are all very supportive and made my high school experience very memorable. There are many opportunities to get involved at the school with the numerous clubs and organizations, and also many events throughout the year that bring lots of school spirit!!!
Liberty was a nice school where I got to meet my friends. Definitely a school filled with a diversity of people. Getting involved in clubs will increase your experience! I'm not sure if there's anything I would want to change. Probably have to be back there to think of something.
Liberty is a diverse, culturally sensitive and open environment that helps students achieve what they want by supporting them with clubs, scholarships, programs, and classes. Whether it be STEM careers or the Arts, Liberty is fully supportive of a student's decision.
Liberty high school is a great school. It's extremely diverse, and pushes each student to do their best. There is a club or sport for every student at Liberty, and it's large population makes it easy to find friends. They take both academics and activities seriously.
Liberty High School has a vast variety of clubs and activities to join and the environment is pleasant with fun school events.
I wouldn't have rather attended any other High School than Liberty. The atmosphere is everything you would want in a High School. We have a school spirit like no other, and for the majority, it is an excellent learning environment.
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I went to high school at Liberty and graduated in 2019. Liberty was the first public school I attended and absolutely loved it. I found a home in over 5 clubs I was a part of. Included one that targeted my Hispanic culture. I was academically challenged in their great selection of AP courses. It's easy to create a great network of individuals of both teachers, administrators and friends at Liberty High School. If you're a parent deciding between this public school and any charter schools, please allow your child to experience the diversity of Liberty.
Liberty High School cares about its students. They care about their education and safety. They go above and beyond to make sure the students as a whole are succeeding. They strive to make outstanding citizens by making us do community service. They really want their students to be the best in the world.
I like how diverse Liberty is and how I am able to see a new face in the hallway every day. I enjoy the time I spend with the friends I have at Liberty. Mainly, I enjoy participating in Liberty Theatre because I love to perform. I also love singing in my Acapella, Woman's Chorale, and Choir groups because singing is my strongest talent.
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