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Liberty High School Reviews

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students are not allowed to wear tanktops or any shirt that shows the belly. also no sagging, short skirts or dresses.
the school is very small and is located in an old building. all appliances are old-school and there is no bell or loud-speaker.
the teachers are very understanding and get to know each student individually.they are great for giving advice and helping with extra credit.
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there are many healthy options for the school lunch. everyday i eat a caesar salad with a side of cucumbers
many students at this school have had a rough past, but Liberty helps them turn their lives around. I've seen many students come in to liberty in a bad position, then they are able to graduate early.
there are many after school activities that help you get credits and extra points. Last year we started a green house, and many students come in after school and help water and transplant the plants. also many businesses ask our students for help in volunteering and thats another way to get credits.
there are only a few sports at this school because we do not have the funds for equipment and gear. we have basketball and softball.
small, more help, a lot of extra credit oppotunites, understanding teachers, they connect with you on a more personal level and understand every individuals needs
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