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I enjoyed all my experiences whether they were learning lessons or fun memories with my friends . My teachers were all one of a kind
I am a senior in high school and I honestly had a good experience. Most teachers are great. I am proud to say that our school has been around for a long time, and still brings school spirit and pride! I love it
Liberty High is filled with pride both for athletics and for the arts, but most importantly for the students themselves. No student is left behind at Liberty. There is plenty to do around the school with clubs for all interests. The education that is received from Liberty prepares its students for life after school because Minutemen Succeed No Exceptions.
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The teachers are great and they really care about how their students perform in their classes. While I can say that most teachers care about their students besides their grade, there was very obvious favouritism between students who were popular and those who were not.
Liberty High School is one of our most diverse schools. There are many sports, clubs and other activities to participate in. The administration is also friendly and the open campus is great. The teachers are always friendly and understand their students situations. Liberty High School has a great agriculture program with hands on activities and amazing teachers. Our softball program is also one of the best in the state I believe. Everyone here is like a family and you never get tired of it. I vividly remember my first day, and I will always cherish that. Minutemen succeed, no exceptions.
The teachers give you a challenge and help anyone in need. Also the whole school is sorta like a family especially sports. No one is singled out.
I played soccer all through school which I loved the team and coaching staff while there. The food during lunch was normally pretty appetizing they never had much of options for lunch though. The teachers and other staff were normally very polite except on their bad days.
Liberty High School has been a family and a home to me. I have been to three high schools and this one by far is my favorite. I have made so many great friends and had so many educated and fun experiences here.
Liberty high school has a fantastic atmosphere where almost all students are involved in anything from sports to other after school activities
The teachers are super involved with the kids and will come in early or stay late to make sure your kid is getting the most they can out of there education.
Just a country school with teachers who really care about their students. have a principle who loves her job and would do anything for her students, wears her pride faithfully.
As a Senior at Liberty, I have had an excellent 4 years there. The teachers are knowledgeable and helpful. I play many sports and we have great coaches. I would only work on upgrading some of the facilities and adding more clubs.
Liberty high school overall is a good school.It is small school centered mainly on the students and with this it has little to no diversity.
Liberty needs to work more on college readiness and their academics. Only some teachers actually prepare you for the rigor of college and for the AP tests.
I got a concussion in gym and was told to be less of a drama queen. But that’s probably the worst of it. I did meet the most absolutely wonderful teacher this year. It’s fifty fifty with the staff. Either you love them or you don’t ever want to be around them.
Liberty High School is an average high school. The majority of the teachers care about the students. However, they are not necessarily the most qualified. Unfortunately, the school is geared to passing SOL tests each year rather than building good foundations for increased education. The sports programs are weak because the Athletic Director does nothing to improve the coaches, the teams, or the facilities. The administration cares but is not good at follow through. There is little communication with the parents or information to promote the success of the students during and after high school. The school is one of three in the county and much of the county funding goes to another high school with higher income families.
What I liked about Liberty is how close everyone was. Most of the teachers were nice and there if you needed them for help. But some teachers were really mean and treated you like you were getting your Masters in college, when you were only freshman in high school. The school is not very clean either. The bathrooms were always gross and stunk. The overall school was small compared to others in Bedford County and so was the athletic program.
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My overall experience was pretty good. Most of the teachers are professional and nice. Sometimes the student environment is not the best, but if you take AP (advanced) classes then then you do not notice them. The advanced class sizes are very small, around 12-16 usually. The AP teachers are great for preparing you for college. The school also has great School Counselors for helping Students with High School and College .
The Frisbee Golf club was a very unique experience because we got to travel to different courses.
I have some of favorite memories from marching band and there was also big turnout of band parents to help out.
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