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I enjoyed my time here at Liberty. Lots of the students that I went here with over the past four years have been people that I gladly befriended and spent lots of time with. There was a good variety of clubs that were offered at the school, as well as some really good sports programs that we had here. All of the teachers that I had were also very friendly and made learning in the classes I took more informative. The activities that we had over my time here were all enjoyable to participate in and watch. The school has a great tendency to bring as much school spirit as it can out of its students.
I enjoyed my time here. They have a diversity of clubs and sports that allow most students to find something they enjoy. I wish they had more pep rally’s or at least something similar (guest speaker, student vs. teacher game, etc.) at least every month or two. I hope that everyone can be treated more fair, as, on multiple occasions, I saw one student do something and get harshly punished while another student, typically an athlete, not get punished whatsoever. I would like to see there be more information for clubs offered at the beginning of every year or posted around the school. A lot of people did not know some clubs even existed, and they couldn’t join because it was too late.
The teachers are very warm and welcoming. I think the school excels in the Social Studies department, but lacks in the science and technology aspects of learning. There are lots of fun clubs to join and participate in.
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Liberty High School has a spirited and motivational Principal who is very involved with his students, teachers, and sports teams! He is very positive and always starts the day with a quote that could change someone's morning. He lives dearly close to the set the example of Leadership, High Expectations, and Service that LHS is known for. We are a very diverse school and everyone gets along. Bullying has zero-tolerance at our school and we are very involved with our Special Needs students. I personally have a medical condition called Narcolepsy and my teachers and school nurse are very understanding! I wouldn't have wanted to go to any other school. I'm proud to be apart of all the clubs afford at Liberty High School and cannot wait to be a graduate from there.
The principal is wonderful and treats all students fairly. We have grammar sports programs and student athletes have done very well this year in all sports.
liberty high school so far is a very pleasant school, filled with great teachers and students. there are lots of opportunities given to students whom are trying to achieve their own personal and educational goal. their activities they are both fun and educational for students whom are willing to learn.
The school is crowded and the student body is full of problematic, violent people, but a lot of the teachers at Liberty have a real passion for teaching and it shines through on their students. However, there are teachers that truly do not care to be there or see their students succeed.
I enjoyed the school spirit and sports atmosphere the school had. It seemed like everyone supported the sports teams, especially football. I would improve upon the food.
Attending Liberty High School was an exceptional experience. I was surprised to have had such a change in 4 years. The teachers and counselors assisted me not only in the class room and for my education but outside of the room as well. They had an amazing amount of patience and true interest in me and my peers that made us feel truly special and overcome our challenges.
The teachers and the principal at LHS are, for the most part great. Mr. Sam Cox really cares about the students and loves his job and so do many teachers. Most of my teachers were approachable, reasonable, and good mentors. Although, there are some teachers that are very biased in their political views and others may need to find another profession. Overall, it is a good school with a lot of caring faculty that is there to help you get an education.
We are the only school in the county that does JROTC which is a program for people to see if they want to join the military or not.
As a junior at Liberty High School, I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience. I participate in almost every band that is offered and have had an amazing experience. Especially with two of the principals having been former band directors themselves, the band has many opportunities that other schools do not due to those schools not giving the band enough recognition. I am extremely lucky to be going to this school.
I like that there’s a vast variety of classes to choose from. What I do see that there can be some change to is being more open to diversity, we need to have a broader spectrum of ethnicities and races coming in and joining Liberty High School. Also, I think counselors could be more one-on-one about college routes, because some students have more questions that they realize, and some students need to see more college routes that they can take.
My experience at Liberty High School was average. On a scale 1 being bad and 10 being excellent, I would give it a 6/10. Most of the teachers there are wonderful and excellent, while a few are not helpful or fair. There is a lot of bullying and not much action being taken about it. The counselors are very helpful in trying to get students to reach their occupation goals, but are not very helpful when handling bullying. Sports at Liberty are very fun and competitive, but the majority of the sports coaches are unfair and display a lot of favoritism. Liberty is overall an average school. The biggest flaw would be that the bullying has gotten way out of hand and little action is being taken to resolve this problem.
I absolutely love Liberty, the school is big so it may seem intimidating at first but then you will adjust. the teacher are so kind to the students and want to help us learn the most that we can. Liberty is very diverse and allows students to be themselves. Liberty even has a GSA, and is helping kids around the school make more friends and find people who support the LGBTQ+ community in our area. The school also has Dual Enrollment with our AP classes and definitely prepares us for college and the work load along with it!
Liberty has a great variety of courses including various arts, music programs, cosmetology, agriculture programs, JROTC, and more! Highly recommend any of the CTE programs.
I graduated from Liberty in 2015. My time at Liberty was memorable, because the environment was inviting. I was able to take a lot out of the school, and use it to benefit me in the real world.
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Library High is the best High School in Fauquier and one of the top 5 in Virginia. The teachers and administrators are very helpful and caring. Their interest is in the well-being of the students. No child left behind is their goal. The graduation rate is very high. I look forward to getting up each morning to go to school even though I still have to ride the school bus as a senior. I am looking forward to graduate this year knowing that I have learnt a lot and will take everything I have learnt to continue my education.
My experience at Liberty High School was phenomenal because I feel like it is my home away from home. I was surrounded by numerous resources if I ever needed help and the guidance counselors were one appointment away from helping you solve your issue. One thing I liked about Liberty High School is my principal, Mr. Cox. He started the day off on a positive note with a daily quote of the day and always seeing him around campus offering a helping hand. To me, he is a great role model and leader at Liberty. One thing I would like to be changed is a longer Eagle Block. Eagle block is our schools free period to be able to obtain extra help in your current classes or a class to finish homework. I depended on that class to complete homework assignments before going home. Overall, Liberty High School is an outstanding school to attend and I am a proud Liberty Eagle.
I love how much more independent the school make students feel. The teachers I’ve had are all very helpful and willing to help students with any questions or problems they run into. Although I wish there was more flexibility with the classes available. For example, I’m currently taking 2 classes I don’t want to take because I had to drop 2 that I did want to take due to schedule problems.
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