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Staff is good, and the campus strives for inclusivity and positivity. I made a lot of good friends here.
An extremely welcoming school with a great staff. I couldn't have had a better high school experience anywhere else.
I am a Junior at Liberty High School and so far I have gotten to enjoy one of the best high school experiences I could imagine being offered. The teachers are phenomenal and teach with the intent to help their students pursue what they want to do for their future. The staff are friendly and helpful.
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Personally, I have loved my four years at Liberty High School mainly due to the environment and people. This school has A LOT of resources for students for a variety of circumstances: anxiety/depression, tutoring, college counseling/advice, and many more. Lots of amazing clubs like GSA (Gender & Sexualities Alliance), video-gaming club, drama/arts, and many more. Liberty provides a lot of AP classes with stellar teachers. Football team here has been great the past few years, and just this year the Pat Riot Crew (student section) has really upped their game. When talking about politics I would say the school is a good half: maybe a little more on the conservative side, but not typically an issue here.
The only real, major downside at the school is the arts are very underrepresented here. Don't worry band, choir, and especially drama/theatre departments are AMAZING here. But, sadly, never get recognized, credited, or supported as they should be. Kids here are more focused on sports.
I have really enjoyed my time at Liberty High School. We have a wide variety of clubs and extracurriculars. I was able to keep myself busy. The environment is very friendly and we pride ourselves in our sports and academics. One thing that I would like to see change is how the arts department is treated. The school is trying to show support and more involvement but they still aren't there yet comparing to the way sports are treated. Overall Liberty High School has been a great place to spend four years at and I am able to see how much I've grown.
It's a great school to go to. The facilities are great, the teachers are helpful and want to help you learn and it's one of the safest schools in the district. It's awesome.
Liberty High School is very great at sports and team involvement. Liberty is one of the top athletic schools in the county. My school was also great at clubs and student involvement. Their is a club and or extra-curricular activity for almost every interest that a student has.
Liberty High School does a very great job at making their students feel like they always have place of belonging. Almost all teachers are very personal and caring besides a few, but that is with all schools. There is not very much diversity at the school, but the organized sports surely unites everyone at their school.
I loved liberty and everything they brought to me and gave me as a student. The football games, dances, activities, everything. They are so welcoming and do a lot for incoming freshman and give them so many opportunities to be excellent.
My experience a Liberty High School so far has been Very Good in most aspects and I feel like a true patriot when attending.
Liberty High School has incredible school spirit and the best student section in all of Kern County. They involve students in tons of school events and games as well as push students to work harder and reach their academic and athletic goals.
I somewhat dislike Liberty. My counselor never helped me feel confident with my path for my future and instead ignored my emails and my requests to ask her questions about things like duel enrollment. She also just threw me into classes and didn't offer me the classes that are recomened for a 4 year college. The school also dosent make anything except sports a priority. I dont hear deadlines for important activities so i completely miss out on opportunities.
I've been going to Liberty ever since 2017 when I was a freshmen and I don't regret attending this school at all. All though it isn't the perfect school, it's a pretty decent school with generally a safe, fun campus. I would say now that I'm a junior, school goes by pretty fast and it's almost bittersweet, considering I'm graduating next year. Not a day goes by where I'm not thankful for going to school and having a rigorous, yet great education.
It's a really good school academically and athletically. The teachers are good and care about the students. I wish there were more clubs and opportunities. I like it a lot tho
Great overall high school experience! Being on ASB made high school a lot more enjoyable and made you more involved on what was happening within your class. Liberty High is for sure the best high school in the Kern High School District!
My overall experience At Liberty has been good, making good friends, and improving upon previously built relationships along the way. It has provided my many opportunities to pursue what I want to do as a career with classes and extracurricular activities.
Liberty high school is a great school for both academic and athletics in which teachers try to help student succeed both inside and outside the classroom. The environment is competitive and compassionate between students who all want to succeed.
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There is a lot of pride in our school, but the focus lies more in sports than academics. Our academics do not get the recognition that the sports teams get.
liberty high school has created an atmosphere unlike any other school i’ve attended, or any other school in the district. It is truly a high school that does as much as they can for their students and do as much as they can to create a safe atmosphere.
I have enjoyed my experience at Liberty High School. I have made many life long friendships and have enjoyed all aspects of my high school experience.
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