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Liberty High School Academy for Newcomers Reviews

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It has been a real pleasure to attend this school. It’s welcoming to everyone and the people that work there make you feel that you are important for them. Great school for a newcomer!
I am a senior in Liberty High School. This is my third year in Liberty while it is my last year in Liberty. Although the school is small than other, I am still very honored that I can study in this school. I am a immigrant who not grow up in America, but it school grow me up like a baby to a man. All of the teachers are treating well toward students, they help us as possible as they can. And some teachers would tutoring us in any times- morning before the class, lunch time, and after school, it is why I like this school. Also, I could meet difference student with difference language.
Most of the teachers are so nice and patient. In this school, I don't see any racism because most of us came from different countries, whether is the teachers or the students, we learn respect each other.
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I remember the first time I stepped in Liberty High School; I knew little English and did not know how to proficiently speak the language. With the help of teachers and staff, I soon felt at home They were full of patience and love. Also, Liberty High School's brightest attribute is its diversity. Students around the globe gather in one single place, for one big objective, sharpen their English Skills. Moreover, diversity in Liberty High School also brings distinct perspectives around the globe in one place. Liberty High School also offers various ways in which students from distinct origins will be able to interact without difficulties. How? They do so by tackling their common interests and likes. It may be through sports- soccer, volleyball, basketball, baseball- through parties or through clubs. Overall, Liberty High School is the perfect fit for a student, who seeks to start from scratch and emerge into someone who mastered the tools needed to succeed in this fast-growing country.
I really like how the system works, everyone is so helpful and I have a lot of fun there. I would like to see different kinds of food because there is a lot of students who don’t eat the food from school.
Liberty High School is an international school for newcomers only. I fall in love with Liberty since the first day, because I was new, I did not knew anything; English included. I was starting over and Liberty created the perfect environment for me, I had found myself in the same page as many others newcomers, we were all struggling with the language but more important, we created group to help each other. Liberty had provided me with ESL classes to mastered the language. Now that I can defend myself (speak the language) is all thanks to my lovely high school.
I love my high school because there is all help, teachers are the best and they help us too much. I’m very happy to be in this High school. Also, this is my last year and I will miss my school because this is the best school that New York City have.
My school is a good school as a foreign school, because all of the students didn't speak English when they first came, but we have great teacher who take they time to help us to learning the knew language. My favorite experiences is after school drama class is really fun and you really get chances to learn from each others. One think I could say make my school unique is that everyone always ready to help each other and it is a peace full place. If, I have to go again to High School I wouldn't choose that school, because we don't have that much fun the principal believe that we should only study, and not having fun.
My school does not have any sports facilities, However, when our soccer and basket ball team needs to practice we usually use one of the soccer field or basket ball court in he city. Many students are involve in athletics at the school. Even though we don't have the best team in the city, other students in our school play a Major part to the team , because they come to our game and support us.
Some teachers in my school do care about the students ability to understand certain topics, because they want what is best for us. When students don't get the objective of a lesson, the teachers use different techniques, because we are all different and learned a different way. Teachers also stay after school to help students in need.
robotics and drama are the most popular after-school activities in this school. To be in the robotics, students need to be excellent in math and science and are able to work under pressure. Drama needs confident students and are able memorize scripts.
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