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Liberty-Eylau High School Reviews

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Liberty-Eylau was a great high school where I learned a lot of life lessons. The teachers pushed me to be the best I could. Also my coaches. Everyday I learned new techniques and ways to solve problems not only on paper but in real situations.The teachers made a bond with their students and it helped with the learning process, it made us students feel like they actually wanted to teach us.
Liberty Eylau High School is an amazing school district and I would totally suggest encouraging your family, friends, and your children to enroll in this amazing school district. My favorite part of Liberty Eylau is how the people, the coaches and the teachers all work as a family and make you feel as such and help you to be comfortable with learning at your best potential.
The teachers are very caring and understanding. They make the school feel like a fun and safe environment. I recommend this school to everyone.
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As a junior at Liberty-Eylau High School, I would love a more diverse curriculum and a better recognition of certain sports such as Golf and Tennis. I think we need a better staff and higher set standards for students
Liberty-Eyalu HS is a great place to learn and there are a lot of different people there. It’s a very diverse school with a lot of different cultures. Everyone tries their best to lift up each other whenever they’re down and they are always there for one another. All though we get a lot of bad talk about us from schools around the area I feel we are the most family oriented.
Overall, throughout high school has been the best time of my life, I've figured out who I was ; I have met amazing people and accomplished many goals due to the staff at Liberty Eylau High school. Track was my greatest experience in high school my coach has pushed me since my freshman year and I can't wait to see what this last track season has in store for me. Libery Eylau is a very fun school the activities the bond everyone has as a whole is amazing to me. From freshman year to now I have met people that truly had an impact on my life and hopefully for the future as well. Being a four A school everyone knows everyone and when we get together as a whole everything is fun and lots of school pride.
It’s a decent school with decent teachers, we just need to focus on the management at times. As teachers and students grow tired there’s chaos and upruption begins. Leading to distracted students and tired teachers.
I wish the school would focus on the music department instead of the football team that doesn’t want to play football.
What I love about LEHS is that you are taught by teachers who want the best for you. They want you to succeed in life and I know that it is very hard to come across people like that.
I enjoyed my four years at Liberty-Eylau High School. I feel as if I'm prepared to start college and ready to conquer the world.
These four years at LEHS have been geat. They have not only prepared me for college but they have prepared me for everything the world has to offer me. The teachers are nice and they make the classrooms a really fun environment to learn.
Liberty Eylau for sure is a very interesting school. I have learned lots of many neat things and all. I have connected with teachers and have great relationships with most of them. The Staff work hard and do their best to work with us high school kids. The only thing about Liberty Eylau is the kids. We have some of the most disrespectful kids in this state. My learned has been hindered by this. I would do a lot better here if there was a way our staff could get the rowdy and disrespectful kids. We have an amazing band program that I am in. We have won many awards. We have lots of fun and we devote lots of our free time to that band. Our band director is, Stephanie Nelson. She is a wonderful person and I have learned lots from here.
The teachers are involved and are caring.
The years I have been at Liberty-Eylau I've had a great time. Although, my time is coming to a end I have had a fantastic time. Its been a pleasure meeting a lot of people that has become close friends. Something unique about the school would be the support. No matter whats going on we always have a supporting community behind us. That's the thing I love the most.
With the teachers we have at our school they do their job well. They put the time in and the students benefit from them in the long run.
if i could do high-school all over again. i would specifically choose Liberty-Eylau High-school again because ive been here all of my life and i've loved the actual experience that i've had in High-school
I don't have any problems with it.
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Liberty-Eylau is a very good school academically. It has great staff and a wonderful campus. The athletic department is very active and always growing, and there are lots of other features. But, the one thing that the school does not have is a well mannered student body. If it wasn't for this Liberty-Eylau would be an excellent school. if i had a choice of attending this school again i would, but i wish for them to be more discipline with the student body.
I think that the teachers could be teaching better.
I loved going to LE .The teachers that I had really helped me when it was needed, but they also gaave me a reality check when they should have. I learned a lot, and miss many of the staff.
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