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I’ve had a very average high school experience. On one side, I have constantly had to push the school and it’s administration to help me succeed and allow me to take opportunities that I can both handle and exceed in. It’s difficult to speak with an administration that doesn’t care necessarily about those who are truly driven and have vision. My school looks more towards keeping complacency rather than push very capable students forward to potential greatness. On the other side, I have had teachers, not admin, who support me fully and their support has helped me in many ways.
Liberty County High School has gotten better this year, talking as a senior. There weren’t very many opportunities for upper class-men as there are now. The teachers are very understanding and will go far to make sure their students pass the grade or graduate. The administrators work well with students when in need and the dual-enrollment system is amazing.
My experience at Liberty county high was pretty good. I met a lot of new people and had a lot of fun. The teachers I received truly cared about my success after high school and strived to make me the best version of myself. They always pushed me to go the extra mile.
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I had a great experience at Lchs, but one thing I think should be changed is the dress code. Many students get referrals and in school suspensions because of it. It's much more disruptive than helpful when you're sent to the office because you're shirt wasn't tucked all the way in.
I like Liberty County High School because we are a very good academic and Athletic school. Our teachers are caring and respectful towards all of students. The students do judge on anyone and all are respectful.
This is a great school. The teachers are friendly and very supportive of students. I was grateful to have great teachers, counselors and administrators.
I feel like liberty high was a very good school but they work to hard on dress code if they were less worried about dress code they would be much more successful other then that I liked it and enjoyed my time there
One of the things I liked about this school was the music & arts class. The teachers were amazing, in gaging, funny, relatable but also stern. They really brought out the best in us and pushed us beyond our limits.
My mother went to Liberty County High School, however, a lot has changed since then. The school has increased diversity. Academics has grown, test scores have improved, and elective classes have taken an interest.
Transferring to LCHS as a new student, I felt welcomed and quickly adapted to the new environment, people, and atmosphere. The students and teachers treated me well and befriended at first contact. I also enjoyed my courses and the teachers strives to teach their students and make a difference in their academic lives. I do wish there was a few more sports and clubs I could participate in such as wrestling or chess club. Overall, I was thoroughly enjoyed my Junior year at LCHS.
The school should work towards being more student friendly. In the past, and what I still hear from it is that the school lacks the ability to focus on what should be the most important: the students. Instead the school focuses on strict rules, and less rewards for the students that followed them. They were too quick to take a way privileges and slow to give them out. It is crucial for students to be able to exceed in the future to have a welcoming atmosphere, something this school lacked.
Liberty county high taught me to love myself and work harder to succeed in life. All though the school seems rough and boring at times , it still pushes people to do their best and keep going.
Liberty County High School is a great school. The teachers and administrators push you to do your best and prepare yourself for college. Immediate action is taken in case of an incident, and the halls are kept clean. Teachers are fair to all students, and they give us time to complete work, or stay after school if days were missed.
Main thing I enjoyed about highschool is making friends, I met some of the best people and came out of my comfort zone. I learned to express myself and met a few teachers to help guide me in my way.
Personally, there were several things that bothered me about this school: the awfully strict dress code, the dependance on the school iPads, and lack of a student-friendly atmosphere. Those in charge were too strict and quick to punish, but rarely awarded for good behavior. As a student, I felt a severe lack in motivation. Other than that, the school had some of the best teachers I've ever had.
School is ok it could be better. The teachers need to be more harder on the students. The sports are really fun and challenging.
I loved my school because it was an professional environment for me. They provided free lunch for those that couldn’t afford to pay for school lunch. The track team that I was on was fun and exciting. All of the teachers that I had never mind helping me if I was stuck or confused on any type of schoolwork. The school was influential to me and I’ve always been learning something new everyday. They would always have the superintendent to come to different schools to speak motivation to us. Many students changed and realized that they have to work hard to be successful. Nothing comes easy and I have learned that through the years.
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It’s like any other high school. But I would like to see less bullying there’s to much of that.Really there shouldn’t be any but I feel that’s what needs to change the most.
Liberty County High is a good school with great students but needs improvement in budgeting and administration. I believe as a student the school should communicate more with its students and their parents.
My experience at Liberty County High School was amazing. From my freshman year to graduation day was absolutely stunning, I made lifelong friendships and made remarkable decisions that got me to where I am today. I highly recommend attending this school for many things from academics to sports they are the best in the area.
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