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Liberty County High School Reviews

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Liberty county high is full of “every one knows every one” type of stuck up people. My experience was okay only because I made myself fit into the groups there but truly of your not born or have an amazing last name you wouldn’t make it in that country, small town high school.
Liberty County High School is a very small and secluded school. In the small town of Bristol Florida, our school focuses on your student and their academic needs. We have a low number of students so the teachers can do more one on one work if that is what you require.
It’s an ok school just a lot of politics take place within decisions made for the school and sports.
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I think Liberty County High School is a small, average school. Not that many students attend there which is both good and bad. The school lunchroom food is bad and should be fixed so more kids will want to eat the school lunch. While the current facilities and buildings aren't that good, there will be a new school completed soon so that is a plus. Also there isn't much offered there, but that makes sense because of how small the student population is there. The teaching staff we have is alright, but some of them you can have a conversation with and they can help you with your problems. Also the rules I feel are a bit to strict. Overall I think Liberty County is just an average school. It has its cons but it also has its pros.
Teachers don’t want to be involved, politics run the county and school board. Reducing our homecoming and no longer doing prom as a school sponsored event
Overall, I received an enriching education and made great relationships. The school is small, so the help offered to each student is incomparable.
Perhaps one thing I would change, however, are the politics. As a small school, last names can sometimes mean more than credentials. I would like to see personal biases put aside and more consideration given to the students who often get overlooked.
LCHS was probably one of the poorest school experiences I have had, especially with having been to so many different schools. The curriculum is scrambled and schedules were often messed up due to poor communication between staff and students. The counselors were very little help and often made me feel stupid or seemed irritated for me asking simple questions. Communication in general is very poor, especially between parents and the front office. Long days/classes with hardly any breaks, only a 20-25 minute lunch period - not nearly enough time to eat and socialize. Most of the bathrooms are in severe need of maintenance.
LCHS offers a small set of sports for girls. No coaches help nor administration help with college scholarships and no teacher ever taught to prepare students for college courses. College academics are no joke. We never learned how to write a paper in any format and the math courses were taught so fast that not many of us could keep up.
Liberty County High School had it's fair stair of good and bad. A lot of the teachers and staff were careless of their students progress and education but a lot of other teachers cared a great deal. The bathrooms were nice in some parts and poor in others. The food was never good. They were extremely lenient but in a good way as in not yelling at you if you're in the hallway without a pass but strict enough to get business done. The staff is quite understaffed. They definitely need more than one guidance counceler. They need to crack down on bullying. Not so much if a kid calls another kid dumb as a joke and getting ISS but serious bullying. I have a friend that is being cyberbullied by multiple people in the school and the school admin has done nothing yo help and she is now switching schools. Other than that, it's pretty average.
I have been going to school in the Liberty County School System since I was three years old. The teachers are amazing, they really care about your academic achievements as long as you care. The only thing that I would change is the JROTC program it could potentially be better in my opinion.
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