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Fantastic school, but not for everyone. You must know that you are ready if you plan to attend. The culture makes it special, but will be harsh on you if you try to blend in and interact with no one. Not enough can be said about the teachers; they were incredible role models, and I promise you will find many teachers whose presence who genuinely enjoy.
As a student at Liberty Common Charter School, I enjoy learning from the teachers the most. The teachers care greatly about the of the student body and do their best to not completely overwhelm us, but they do push us to do our very best. If a student, such as myself, my friends, or any of my colleagues need help understanding a concept or topic, the teachers are always ready to help. The administration allows many of our athletics to be funded, and also allow us to have our own extracurricular activities. There are very few things that I would change at my school. The first thing that comes to mind is expand our music academics. We have a concert band, choir, string orchestra, and a jazz band. We do not however have an auditorium. I would like Liberty to expand and have an auditorium so that we can have more space for the theater groups, as well as make a marching band. This is the main thing I would like to see change, or rather grow, at Liberty.
Liberty was an excellent school for me. I transferred in from a private Christian school in Denver and it was life changing. The teaching is phenomenal. Almost all of my instructors had graduate degrees and taught in their field of expertise. The work is rigorous and there is a lot of pressure to perform but it is great. One thing I would like to see change is the dress code. Every one hates it.
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Admin Are terrible !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Liberty Common is a great school. Academically, it pushes me to do my best and work for what I think is important. I know that there is a community of teachers and peers that can help me when I need it and offer love and support.
I have attended Liberty Common Charter School for five years. I have very much enjoyed the experience and have grown as a person not only educationally but also in character. The school's motto is "Common virtue, common knowledge, common sense." They teach kids virtues by targeting seven "capstones", namely: prudence, temperance, justice, fortitude, gratitude, patriotism, and wisdom. Liberty Common teaches its students with the most qualified teachers for the job. It is for this reason that they do not require teachers to have a teacher's license. I think this is an excellent idea because it makes teachers prove their competence in real ways rather than with arbitrary bureaucratic licenses. Liberty is a school that devotes itself to the betterment of their students and is anxious to aid parents with the task of teaching their children. Liberty can be strict but they also sponsor fun activities for students to enjoy and plan. Liberty Common is an excellent school in every way.
Administration is lacking, and the subtle right wing,Christian conservative messages are not actually subtle at all. Science teachers publicly DENYING that climate change may have an effect on our world? Thier job is to EDUCATE on facts.
Saying you (Bob Schaffer), EXPECT families and students to pray for the school. News flash not everyone "prays", we should EXPECT administrators and teachers to honor the separation of church and state. It's a public school. Lots of tax dollars (a lot of from people who might not "pray"), money is funding the PUBLIC school. NOT Christian school.
Liberty gave me a fantastic education and prepared me very well for the stresses of college. The teachers are very dedicated to their students and genuinely want them to succeed.
Overall this school is a great college prepatory school, but it has a couple of flaws. The teachers are great and the small class sizes allow the teachers to focus on the students and prepare them well in the subjects they teach. Our sports programs are small and limited but for the resources the school has the teams compete well. Our state record SAT is testament to the fact that we are prepared well for college and academically challenged to be our best. The actual building itself is relatively small but has most everything you would need for a high school of 500 students. The dress code can be annoying as it really isn't preparing you for college since most colleges have no dress code. The administration isn't the best either as it makes decisions from a biased and somewhat ignorant standpoint which isn't the best for the students. Besides its faults I would recommend Liberty for anyone because the education is unlike anywhere else in Colorado.
We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to send our 3 kids to the elementary school and then the high school. The values of Liberty matched perfectly with our family values. We are always so impressed by the depth and breadth of our kids education they are receiving
Administration should be ashamed of themselves. But too busy shaming students. Thank goodness the teachers make up for it the best they can.
Administration is all about patting THEMSELVES on the back, while pushing conservative and religious views as the best and only views- administators do not support students in a balanced worldview, and seek specific policies to hinder it.
Liberty Common High School is geared to prepare young adults for the rigor of college academics. They provide a caring environment that fosters student learning. The administration and teachers are absolutely wonderful.
Wonderful teachers! Administration is horrible, conceited and arrogant bullies who pride themselves on numbers while sacrificing actually caring about students. You'll get a fantastic education not only in academics, but also on how to deal with narcissism.
I've gone to Liberty Common since freshman year, and what has struck me is the amount that almost every teacher and admin care about every student.
Amazing school just great go here all the time this is a great school you should go here i love liberty it is the best ever
Fairly conservative and did not tend to minority students. Supported students who had the money to aid the school. Some good teachers that made classes better but the homework load is almost unbearable. Their good scores are due to the small selective population that are worked to the bone. If you can keep up and have the money to back up yourself, you will excel.
Liberty is an amazing school. The program is not for everyone but it does get the best out of most people. That, coupled with incredible teachers makes Liberty common one of the best in the state.
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I absolutely love Liberty! I have gone here since kindergarten. Although the academics are stellar, the people are really what makes it so good.
This is a rigorous school providing excellent coaching to students in obtaining necessary knowledge. The academic diversity to which I am exposed at the school is reinforced by the religious, political, and cultural diversity of the students, teachers, and staff. The administration ensures everyone here is welcome, and that diverse views are respected. My friends who complain about the school being too "conservative" never have examples, and I say they don’t like things like how we say the Pledge of Allegiance every morning, and that some kids (totally on their own) usually say grace before they eat their lunch. This school is sometimes pretty hard, but I really like it. It's just not for kids who are more interested in non-academic things and getting ready for college.
The students and teachers are good people with good morals. The administration focuses too much on pointless things, however, such as a strict dress code, no gum- chewing, and no phone policies.
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