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There aren’t tracks available, so it is difficult for the school to meet the needs of students who deviate from the average.
LCA was the perfect school for me. I transferred in during my sophomore year and immediately fell in love with the atmosphere. I'm so glad my parents encouraged me to leave public school and give this a try. The small class sizes made us a very close group and teachers knew us so well. I also got to play soccer and run track.
I enjoyed the academics and the unique way classes were taught, especially the upper school History and English classes.
I would change the requirements for debate and Mock Trial, as there was never enough people or interest in doing such classes or activities. It should be an extracurricular, not a requirement.
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This is our first year at Liberty. After spending a few years in a highly-rated government school, we realized that he concept of "teaching to the test" absolutely exists and our kids were not actually getting an education.

We could not be more impressed at the level of education that our (2) children are receiving. Our kids come home each night and teach us things we never knew. The dedication and commitment to excellence displayed by the entire staff combined with the level of parent/family involvement is the highest you will see at any level of education. Considering a change? Call Liberty to set up a tour today. One visit and you will be convinced!
Liberty provides a fantastic education and teachers who truly care about their students. Liberty makes learning fun. The teachers are always available to help and they do so gladly. Liberty is a wonderful environment, especially for elementary school. That being said, it is a very narrow-minded setting if you are anything but evangelical. So if you are Catholic or Lutheran or non-Christian, be prepared to be debated by teachers and students alike.
As a grandpa I am very excited about the impact of Liberty Classical Academy on my grandkid's lives. After many visits to Liberty I continue to be impressed by the passion of the faculty and staff, as well as the obvious love and care for the students. I've had several opportunities to see the classical method in action and have seen how it has positively impacted the students at the various grade levels. This time tested approach to teaching and nurturing the next generation that includes my Christian values is something that I am proud to be a part of and I am pleased to invest in Liberty for my grandchildren.
I appreciate the community feeling that Liberty has. My kids know everyone there and play with all grades. They connect the high school and younger students together as buddies. I also appreciate that the teachers expect my kids to do the best they can and do not accept less. I have seen them reach new heights because of that expectation.
This is our fourth year at Liberty and we could not be more pleased! Our children really enjoy what they are learning at school--their classes are challenging, fun and engaging. My fourth-grader came home talking about how they learned to create a parallel circuit in their Physics class. The academics are challenging--but it's the faith and character development that we love (and so missing in many of today's schools). We plan for our children to graduate from Liberty. Could not imagine sending them to any other school!
Our family LOVES Liberty! We have been a part of the Liberty community for 4 years and each year it gets better! The teachers are amazing; they truly care about each student and work hard to meet each of their needs. Our class sizes, which cap at 20, are perfect for student teacher interaction and student to student relationships. The classical method of teaching cannot be beat -- it is time tested and proven! Each child who attends this school is not only prepared for the demands of the "real world" they know how to meet it head on with honesty and respect. I know that my children will not only have an outstanding education (without Common Core)they will be able to meet their full potential --- there is no better investment than our children.
We came to Liberty a year ago because of the strong academics (we weren't getting that at our old school. My boys are in 1st and 2nd grade, and I love that they teach the old fashioned way: phonics program, cursive writing, limited technology, long division, etc. My boys love to read, spell and they already know their multiplication tables! Plus, the drama department is hands-down, the best for our young boys. The boys love that they get to go outside for recess 3x's a day. The only downside is that our commute to school is a 30 minute drive, but it's worth it to have the peace of mind knowing our boys are receiving the best education in a strong, Christ-centered school. We are very thankful to have found Liberty.
Sports, Chess Club, Orchestra, Jazz Band, Worship Team, Student Council.
We mandate local and state policies regarding safety, security, and medical procedures.
We have had a wonderful experience at Liberty. Our lives are better because of this school and the dedication of the teachers and staff.
The teachers strive hard to meet each child where they are at. They work towards making sure the kids understand the material, not just pass the subject. My kids have genuinely been guided, yet challenged. They keep the parents informed when their kid is struggling and help us work together to keep the kids on track. They care about the kids, their futures, and their spiritual wellness.
We love the value that Liberty places on faith but also also wisdom and knowledge. Even in the very early years of school. They follow the classical teaching tradition.
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