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LCS is and excellent Baptist school. My grandson started kindergarten there and is now in the 10th grade. He has done very well there and loves this school. The teachers and staff care a lot about the children's education, welfare and are very Christian orientated. The school has several outside activities for the children to participate in. They have outstanding coaches for there sports teams. Last year they were state champions in varsity basketball and this year they were state champions in varsity football and varsity basketball. I have seen several of the students graduating from here go on to college, technical schools or military. I would not want my grandson to go to any other school. God permitting he will graduate from here.
Small but interactive and caring. For sports their is a great brotherhood/family between the players and coaches. Most of the teachers are great. The staff is always trying to help you become the best you that you can be. Its a very good school and I definitely recommend it.
This school is very diverse, people from around the world in such a small school. Everyone is so kind and generous at liberty.
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Great school overall. I'd highly recommend to anyone. I was impressed with the real care that flows from the top down.
It really was a safe, family environment! All the many memories I made at this school, I will never forget. The teachers are just so real, and the children all do their best to be one big happy family. The sports are wonderful to watch or participate in and ever half day was very memorable. It's gonna be so tough leaving there. My English teacher was the and my Spanish 101 teacher will forever be in my heart. If you are looking for a well respected, Christian, awe inspiring, life changing, exotic school, head on down to LCS. The family will be waiting for you with open arms.
I started school at Liberty when I was a freshman. I was awarded a scholarship to attend the private school because where I had previously been in public school was no longer a decent option for me. I was very depressed and anxious. I learned a lot about myself and sports and how to conduct myself in way that will be professional.
Liberty will change your life, if you go in with a good attitude, you'll leave happy! Liberty teaches you more then just curriculum, it will teach you hard-work, leadership skills, and how to work with others. Liberty is an amazing school, I encourage to set an appointment to tour, you won't regret it.
Traditional family values with good discipline and a wonderful curriculum. Caring, thoughtful, loving teachers and administration. A laid back, family atmosphere where Jesus, God, courtesy, honor, respect and integrity mean something.

Finding this school was like finding a hidden treasure. FINALLY, the search is over. Knowing my children can attend through 12th grade is also very comforting.

My children even just had the privilege of riding on their school float in the local Christmas parade last weekend. And our float was voted #1! Melts my heart.

Oh...and their art, music and sports programs are fantastic too...among the many other subjects and offerings. Every opportunity is presented to create successful, well rounded students.
Up to date locks and cameras makes the school a very safe place.
A lot of extra opportunities available outside of the classroom.
The friendships made at LCS are often the lifelong ones. We see very often on FB students who graduated 5,6,7 years ago now being in each other's weddings and coming back to Homecomings at LCS. It's just a great place
Great school overall.

Have integrated tablets for HS.

Competitive sports program in their league.

Excellent environment from top to bottom.

The most helpful secretary I've ever met.
I like Liberty. Sure there are other schools out there, but nothing like this place. There are so many memories to make with people that you've known forever. It's like having one huge extension to your family, and I wouldn't trade it for anything.
Liberty has this security system with doors that only open via a buzzer and security cameras so no one is unseen. The only downfall is the occasional times when you get locked out because of all these security procedures. That's not fun.
Liberty is clear in their rule giving. You're not going to be punished for a rule you didn't know was there.
Liberty has a good variety of teachers that make you work hard and teachers that rarely show up. You get a dual experience of being really responsible for your own learning and having knowledge passed to you via an organized PowerPoint.
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It's great if you like sports. Liberty is all about their athletic program. If you can't walk in a straight line, then you're going to have a problem. The school isn't big enough for a wide variety of clubs, so there's only journalism, shop, and PE. Like anything else, the clubs are as good as you make them. Journalism has a gig in the local newspaper and shop will let you actually learn to wire motors and things. It's really self-driven, but the opportunities are there if you chase them.
It's the cheapest private school around, but you're not getting more than you pay for. The building was built by the principal and, while it's not going to fall down, the school is inside a gymnasium so the smell of sweat permeates everything. In addition we often have sewage issues, so occasionally it will emit a scent in certain areas of the campus. Other than that, though I really like the campus. It's small so you can get everywhere you need to go. The kitchen is right beneath the classes, so the smell of cookies often wafts up into the rooms. It's a fun place to be with all these trees that make fun picture areas and the whole thing is built on a church campus so it's designed to have all these sitting areas where you can just talk to people.
The administration at Liberty Christian School is amazing!!! The staff are good, honest, Christians who genuinely love you and w ant to make you feel at home. Some people are eligible for certain scholarships to help them be able to afford to go here. The faculty is always there for you for any questions you may have. The Principle is very involved: he is principle, teacher, coach, and an Associate Pastor, and has always been there for the students. They have a pretty strict policy on bullying: they do not tolerate it. The dress code is as follows: guys and girls all have to wear one of three polos provided by the school, guys must wear khakis or some form of dress pants, no skinny jeans, and no flip-flops. Girls can wear either a skirt or slacks, and the skirt cannot be above the knee. Everything else is pretty standard for a private school.
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