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Liberty Christian School of the Tri-Cities Reviews

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I have enjoyed my time here. I appreciate most of the teachers and how they work hard to ensure that school is a good place to be for their students.
The teachers at Liberty were the best teachers I have ever had. They were there for me educationally and emotionally. If I was having a hard to time with anything, they were there to help. The education program there is really good and better than what someone can get at a public school. Some things I would change is the way phones were treated, the counselor, and property changes. Phones are not allowed to be used on the campus during school hours at Liberty. I think that's over doing restrictions on phones. The counselor at Liberty is not very encouraging or nice to the students. Counselors should be helping the students and be there for them if they need help, not overly criticize them for their grades. There are also a few spots on the property that need to fixed. Specifically, there is a spot in the grass in the front where two students were injured because of the way the ground rests there.
Liberty Christian is an OK, school. As far as highschools go a majority of the teachers, staff and coaches work hard to have good relationships with students, and to prepare them for the future. The biggest downside is it is a small school so it can’t provide the programs and diversity that other schools can. Because it has a Pre-K through 12th grade model there are cliques that form early and it makes it really hard for kids who join in for high school to make friends.
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Liberty offers a great Christian education. The school partners with Colleges and Universities to offer Concurrent Credit courses, AP classes and Running Start opportunities.
Liberty Christian School was a great school to attend, I was a student 8th grade-12th grade and got my high school diploma from Liberty. The reason for only 3 stars is because the Elementary and Middle school programs have most of the staff and admin focus, so they are strong programs. Sadly, the High-School is neglected sometimes, so I do not believe it is a strong program, nor does it prepare you for college. With that being said, not all teachers and courses are bad, there are a good amount of wonderful teach throughout the entire high-school, but also some who do not care to make you fully engage.
I love my school. To start, I was taught by teachers who truly wanted to see me succeed. These same teachers put Christ at the forefront of their teaching and in the way they interact with students. Liberty Christian is like my second family. I feel like I can go to almost anyone on staff if I have an issue and the environment at Liberty is very much that like of a family.
This school has Key Club, ASB, Class Office, Sports, Chess Club, and has a group that participates in local engineering competitions. I have participated in about half of these and know people who have participated in the others, and all I have ever heard was good remarks.
This school has been nothing but good for my family and me. It has strengthened my Christian base and encouraged me to be a hard working contributing member of both the society and the church.
Teachers at Liberty Christian School are truly remarkable. They earn considerably less than teachers at any other schools earn, showing that they must truly love what they do. My personal experiences with teachers here has been amazing. I love every teacher I have had and have no doubts in my mind that every one has my best interest in mind, both for the present and future.
The teachers of Liberty Christian School are very caring and are genuinely concerned for each student's academics and well-being. They will take time during class to help one student understand a concept he or she is struggling with, and they are always open to helping students with homework or questions after class.
The overall school building and facilities are nice, and parent involvement is heavy. However, we have a small library, only one secondary computer lab, and we do not have an auditorium, so we use the gym for concerts and performances.
My school is small, so health and safety is very rarely an issue.
At a small school, the principle and staff know all the students pretty well, and they are very good at recognizing which students break school policies, and enforcing the rules. And students generally know not to intentionally break school policies for that reason.
Our sports, though few, are really fun. We have football, volleyball, cross country, basketball, baseball, softball, cheer, and golf. However, because of the lack of faculty support, we no longer have clubs such as Drama Club, Math is Cool, Chess Club, or National Junior Honor Society.
Most, if not all, show a genuine interest in the students. They communicate well with parents. They are selfless with their time. The lack of unions make bureaucracy non-existent. Several teachers have or had their own children at Liberty, so there is a vested interest in the school's performance (i.e., it's not just a "job" or "paycheck" for them). Most teachers hold the students highly accountable for performance and make sure class expectations are never lowered to the lowest performing individual student, but strive to raise all students to a high level.
The focus of the school is less about facilities and more focused on student academic performance and character building.
Math Club, football, baseball, golf, volleyball, softball, basketball, cross-country running, cheer-leading, track and swimming offered via neighboring public schools, Running Start program with area colleges, AP courses, middle-school robotics course, high-school leadership course, elementary chess club, elementary speech competitions, elementary school spelling bees, Key Club, Honor Society, etc.
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Safety is a low concern largely due to the culture of the school, driven by the leadership and teaching staff, as well as supported by the parents.
The school creates a feeling of "inclusion" for students and families. It is non-denominational (including some non-Christian families) and welcomes all students/families without regard to demographics. The small class-sizes mean students as individuals are focused upon, and the teachers frequently are very flexible in their approach/accessibility without yielding principles or lowering students' performance expectations. Academics are top-notch with an exceptionally high percentage of students attending four-year colleges and universities. Some recent graduates have attended West Point, the Naval Academy, Washington State University, and other solid institutions. For those few students that don't elect to pursue bachelor's degrees, they typically choose to pursue an Associate's degree before moving on to a vocational program. The high-school students, especially, welcome the younger high school students and there aren't any student cliques. The athletic programs are fairly strong for the school size, as well.
The School Board has done a nice job in placing a new superintendent at the helm of the school after a vacancy of a few years. The new superintendent seems to have aligned the various directors, managers, and admin staff toward common goals and objectives via modern leadership/managerial techniques. These already-talented individuals on the admin staff will become a stronger team due to this orchestration, and will ultimately execute the school's/Board's strategy for the benefit of the students, parents, and general community. Policies are pragmatic in nature, and not draconian. Policies, rules, demeanor of staff are motivated by the care and well-being of the individual student, and not based on bureaucracy or executed via an authoritarian approach.
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