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Liberty Christian School Reviews

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I don't like this school, teachers fail to teach the lesson. I can see people discriminating and acting like they rule the classroom just because they are the teacher's favorite. As called a college prep school, PLEASE DON'T EVEN CONSIDER IT LIKE ONE.
There are certain policies that implemented with extreme measures while others are acknowledged, but not always needed to put into use. Both safety and health are of uttermost importance for both the students and staff.
With both a stress in academics and life skills, Liberty Christian School has prepared me personally for the "real world" equipping me with skills necessary to grow within every area of my life.
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The opportunities and experiences at Liberty Christian School are entirely unique, as the school provides an uplifting, fun atmosphere. While the school may be small, its very accepting and places a great emphasis on personal growth and academic achievement.
Why some policies may seem a bit extreme, they overall provide a secure and cultivating environment.
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