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Liberty Christian School strives to give its students a great education in a God-fearing manner. I was privileged to attend LCS for my four high school years and I loved my time there! In my spiritual life, I was challenged in my walk with God to grow closer to Him everyday. In academics, I was pushed to learn as much as a could and to develop character through my schooling. Although I still had learning to do, I was not lost when I got to college. In academics, I was able to participate in volleyball and cheerleading- both of which taught me how to be a team player, to encourage others, and to work hard. In my social life, I had teachers and classmates with whom I built lasting relationships. Just as any other place, LCS is not perfect, but its administration continually strives to improve so its students receive a great education and a God-centered foundation for life.
I love Liberty Christian School because care about each and every student that attends school there.
Small school, majority of kids who graduate are not prepared for real world experiences and the realities of the world. They are sheltered in a bubble of personal beliefs of the teachers/pastors. I have heard one child express the following when they left liberty to go to a public middle school, "My new school doesn't allow bullying, but Liberty did." That was the first impression they had of their new school, quite telling. I can only say there are about 5 really good teachers there. There are no resources for dealing or helping kids with learning differences, standing on the rocks during recess is punishment for misbehaving. That is when the child needs to be able to run and play to get the wiggles out.
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I am currently a junior in high school at Liberty, and I believe if you want a good Christian education you should attend here. Yes, there is a uniform and yes, they are kind of strict, but I believe if your child is willing to overlook that this school is an amazing place. The teachers are very personal and want the best for you. The teachers will work hard to help you accomplish your goals. The principle is kind and patient ,and he will listen to anything you have to say, whether it's an idea you have or a problem. Take it from someone who has been here for twelve years, I love this school and the people that are in it. I would not want to go anywhere else (believe me I tried), but this school is my home and I would not want it any other way.
I have gone to Liberty Christian School for the past fourteen years. I have enjoyed growing up with nine out of the twenty-two kids in my class for those fourteen years. You can tell that the teachers care about the students and love their students. For the most part, the teacher's are very skilled in the subjects that they teach. The teachers at Liberty have taught me many things that I will take to college and my future jobs. I would like to see the next teachers that teach at Liberty to be more skilled in their subjects. They need to have a heart for the kids. Liberty is a great school to grow spiritually. You will be challenged daily to do the right thing. All-in-all, Liberty is an amazing school to grow up in.
I joined just this year, (2017), and have so far came up with complaints whatsoever. If you are a practicing Baptist Christian or rather want to be, then this is the school for you or your child. I personally wouldn't choose another school in the whole district because of just how remarkable Liberty is. What a trusting, safe, and connected community we have going here at Liberty Christian. As a small side note, I'd also like to mention that just because we are in a Christian school with Christian expectations does not mean that we cannot have fun and that we must be so serious 100% of the time. Also, none of us here at LCS consider ourselves better than any other; just in case that was your initial thought.
This school is a very Christ focused environment. I graduated from this school and the academics were wonderful! The one-on-one time qith the teachers was a huge plus and helped me throughout my experience here.
Although Liberty Christian School may not be able to match up in honors classes or AP classes with other public schools, they make up for it in the high-quality teachers they place in the school that help teach the students valuable life lessons.
My school has a great health and safety policy. To keep each person safe is there top priority. Bullying happens but was very rare.
The teachers and staff and Liberty Christian School were helpful, but at times judgmental. I believe, for the most part, that they do care for their students and want them to succeed which is the main thing.
My experiences post graduation have had alot to do with where I am at now. Bad decisions, good decisions, hardships, and victories all made me who I am today.
My extracurricular activities at school included playing sports such as volleyball and cheerleading.
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