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I love every aspect about Liberty. I have been able to develop personal relationships with my teachers, and it is evident that they all care about their students. All of the staff at Liberty is a true blessing, and I am so blessed that I have been able to be apart of the Liberty culture. The teachers are what make the school the special place that it is, and I am so grateful for every one of them. I have also had the ability to be apart of various activities and sports while also being able to try new things.
I have gone to Liberty for 10 years now and I am so blessed to be there. One of my favorite things about Liberty is the teachers. Liberty teachers want to engaged with all their student and will go out of their way to help academically or even spiritually. Another thing that I love about Liberty is how involved everyone is. Students are encouraged to do athletics and fine arts. Liberty also has a Spring Break Mission Trip every year and it is absolutely amazing.
I've been at Liberty since I was in pre-k (going into my 12th year), and it has been that best possible way that I could see my education being as a student and as a Christian. Liberty has taught me so much in and out of the classroom and I'd love it, when I have a family of my own, for my kids to go to a school like it.
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I had a wonderful high school experience at Liberty. The teachers and staff care so deeply for their students and make time to not only educate them, but pour into them spiritually. Liberty makes it easy to get involved in many different things through which I made so many diverse memories with different groups of people. Liberty also has fun traditions that make high school special. For example, on Valentine's Day, the seniors dress up in pink and red and deliver valentines to other grade levels. I always looked forward to that. Liberty is very good at promoting unity not only within individual graduating classes but within the entire school. I believe I grew a lot as a person while at Liberty and I am deeply thankful for the formative years I spent there.
An incredible experience! The amazing staff and teachers really helped me excel and become the man I am today. This school helped me understand more about who God is and who He made me to be. The staff welcome you and love you from day one. Couldn’t have asked for a better high school experience!
I have practically gone to Liberty since Kindergarten and I am so excited to graduate from Liberty too! The teachers/coaches are fantastic and they always look out for the student/athletes best interest. :)
Liberty Christian School is a place to learn about Jesus and how he works in our daily lives. Most teachers genuinely want the best for you and most display the love of God. The food is included in tuition which is somewhat disturbing because the cafeteria food is mediocre for such a pricey charge. The education prepares you for college according to many alumni. A lot of the money is poured into sports but somehow we are still mediocre, where more money should be spent on fine arts. Overall, if you want your kid to know Jesus and have people who will mentor them as a priority in their education, this is the place for you.
My family has loved liberty since day one! Staff is so nice and caring, academics are amazing and so is athletics! We love Liberty!
I love my school. I have been attending Liberty for 14 years and it has not only given me endless opportunities but it has shaped who I am today.
Liberty has prepared me so well academically, physically, and spiritually. The teachers at Liberty WANT to be there and intentionally pursue relationships with each student. The spiritual life department provides countless oportunites for us to grow in our faith. Liberty stands for their warrior ways: Embrace God's Truth; Strive for Excellence; Demonstrate Leadership; Value Scholarship; Exhibit Christ-like Character; Pursue Service; and Build Community. Theses empower the students to live a life for God, and how God wanted them to.
Liberty Christian School was an incredible opportunity to be a part of a community full of love and supportive faculty. The academics are rigorous and perfect for a college preparatory education. However, the school is very expensive and does not allow a lot of opportunities to get dual credit because of the required bible elective every year. There is also not much diversity in the school as far as race and socioeconomic status.
I like that we can have relationship with our teachers. We have an amazing faculty and academic administration who really want to help their students to reach their best potential. The classes are challenging, but not impossible, designed for us to grow in our studies. There are many school activities that make us grow as a class. Our athletic and fine arts departments are great, as well. My favorite part about Liberty is that teachers can openly talk about Jesus in class, outside of Bible.
At Liberty, they stress you out with tons of in-class work and homework. As a student athlete, it is hard to play sports and then go home and do hours of homework and get no sleep.
Disappointing. Our experience was below average. HS classes are very hard. Especially for athletes who have to travel to sports events over 2 + hours away. It is hard to catch up once you get behind. Some of the teachers are difficult to work with. There is a big turn over with teachers leaving. My child had 3 different teachers in one year for a single subject.
A lot of students are children staff members or coaches leading to a lot of favoritism.
The football program is a joke. The coach has 3 sons in the program 2 of which are on the Varsity FB team and start over other players. Again, a lot of favoritism. Athletes are forced to play on 2 teams because they do not have enough players. The coach has his own personal agenda to get his kids college scholarships.
Liberty needs to make changes. It is hard to compete with local public schools which are nationally ranked in academics and athletics without the high cost.
Well rounded school. Love the teachers and their learning style. My daughter started Liberty in the 3 year program and now getting ready for her Sophomore year. She has grown spiritually and manages her classes very well.
Liberty seemed like a great place to be and maybe when I was in middle school it was. But as I was in high school everything changed and the school went down hill. All they really cared about was if you looked presentable in their eyes or if your grades were perfect. Some teachers were really good unfortunately they also realized how badly the administration has changed so they quit and some of the good ones are still there but I doubt they will for long. Also if you want to go to a school that doesn’t make you stress every night about your grades to the point of crying then I suggest not going here. In conclusion it might look good on college applications but if you actually want the benefits of a college prep/ Christian school I suggest not going here.
We have been a Liberty family for 10 years and could not imagine raising our kids at any better environment. We love LCS!
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Wonderful school with Christian values, academic focus and well maintained campus. I am of the opinion that Liberty Christian School has been a good steward of the private school expense of tuition.
What a blessing Liberty Christian has been to our family! The atmosphere is challenging and provides a Christ centered focus on learning and growth. Our boys are developing leadership skills that will set the foundation for the rest of their lives. We are so lucky to have found such a wonderful and accepting place to call our school home. Our boys could not be more proud to be Warriors!
Liberty Christian is an amazing school! Our children have attended for 6 years and we cannot imagine sending them anywhere else. They have received an exceptional education in a loving, Godly environment.