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I like that we got to have chapel every Thursdays at my school. We worship God every morning, and we pray before we start the class. We also have bible as a required class, which help me to become closer to God.
I really like Liberty Christian because every teacher cares about you. All of the teachers want to see you succeed. The school is also smaller, but I enjoy have a smaller student body because it feels like you know who everyone is. I tend to thrive in smaller environments, and Liberty provides that small community. The student body is also closely knit because there are so few of us. The administration is probably the best it has been in years. The principal is really invested in everything and is doing a fantastic job. While there are things about Liberty that are not the best, the good of this school outweighs its flaws
I have been a student at Liberty Christian School for seven years. The teachers, staff, and faculty there are very nice and are willing to listen to you, and want to make sure that their students are receiving an excellent education based on biblical truth. They want their students to feel safe and loved. While being at Liberty Christian, I have received all of that. I made several close friends. I enjoyed sports. It felt like I was going to school with family, rather than a bunch of strangers.
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Liberty Christian is an amazing school with excellent teachers that provide biblical integration into their subjects and help students prepare for college and/ or future careers.
Basically everything is falling apart. The teachers have to use their trash cans to catch water from the leaks when it rains. The classes teach us basically nothing and some of them are useless. The english curiculum is basically trash, they teach the 7th and 8th graders the exact same thing and they get the same assignments everyday. though some of the teachers are tollerable.
The teachers are boring, the classes are useless, there's little to no college preparation, and they put more money into sports than the actual classes or food for lunch. There's bugs everywhere and the school basically floods everytime it rains. Kids face little to no discipline for their actions.
Liberty Christian School is a good place if you are looking for a smaller, private, Christian school. Facilities at the high school campus are very old and in need of repair. Academics are average but for upperclassmen, Liberty has partnered with Ivy Tech Community College to help students get a head start on basic college classes. Sports include track, swimming, soccer, cheerleading, cross country, baseball, volleyball, softball, archery, and basketball.
Liberty Christian School is a great atmosphere to learn in. The teachers definitely show that they genuinely care about their students which is my favorite part. They’re willing to help with questions before and after school, during their lunch time, and all throughout the day. The school is a great Christian environment and we get to worship every Thursday. I wouldn’t have wanted to go to any other school.
Liberty was a real blessing in my life. While there is room for improvement in some areas, you can tell that the teachers genuinely care about the students. There isn’t a large variety of sport programs, but the ones they do have are very good. One thing that sets Liberty apart from most other schools is their involvement with missions work. I had the opportunity to go on several missions trips while I was there and each one of them had a huge impact on my life. Liberty also prioritizes a relationship with Christ and I was able to grow tremendously in my faith because of this school and all of the people that were there.
I love that Liberty can incorporate God into our everyday learning. Teachers care about the students and it is a very good ratio of students to teachers.
I like the people and the interactions with each other. It has great programs and academics. Liberty has much diversity. We have a foreign exchange student program and currently have 20 foreign exchange students.
I liked how Liberty felt like one big family. The teachers where all there for you in and out of the classroom. We have chapel every Thursday which is very nice to come together as a student body. We have a retreat every year. It is an over night trip. The whole high school plays games, fellowships, and have chapel time to connect with all students and teachers.
I have 2 students at Liberty and we absolutely love the school and teachers. The teachers and staff care about the kids as well as the families.
All of our extracurricular actvites gives us all an opportunity to be more social and show off our skills.
We have a nice school. We have strong christian leaders there.
The teachers are very friendly and like to help a lot in not just academic situations, but all situations.
extracurricular clubs are a great way to make new friends here at my school and their not very competitive clubs that make your time difficult.
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teachers here are fine but a few have strong opinions about world problems and don't mind sharing them its been incidences were I have felt offended or disrespected when a teacher feels they have to specify how they think about something like the "Black Lives Matter movement" or even how they think Beyonces half-time Super Bowl show was "targeting police", not all teachers here are like that luckily, but it gets to a point were you just want the year to be over and wish you were in college already. A lot of students here are snobby and rude they think their better in a way because their here at a private school and feel they have more privilege than others, I came to this school from public school and the change between the two were astonishing, the sad part about that is I don't think they'll be ready for the real world.
Teachers at my school are hands-on teachers that will help you get comfortable with the topic were learning about, a few teachers here do the bare minimum thing and just give us a printed out homework paper from the internet and tell us to do that for the day, students have complained about that type of teaching here at my school but I'm fine with it as long as I receive my "A's" everything is good with me honestly I'm just ready to graduate.
I absolutely loved my experience at Liberty. I made great friends that are still my best friends today. I had great teachers that loved me and helped me with school work and also life choices. The environment was a close bond and familiar. I knew everyone and had a lot of different friends. I played 3 sports all year long and was very involved in those. I can't tell you enough how wonderful my teachers were and how much I appreciate their sacrifice to teach there and love on all the students.
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