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Liberty Christian Preparatory School Reviews

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Both my children attend Liberty and I could not be happier with them. I have never seen such care of each child by their teachers and staff. Liberty finds a way to bring out the best in each student by working to find their strengths and weaknesses to make sure they have the best education possible.
My school is secure and great even without them as a part of it.
Athletics is very good in my high school. I think that everybody would like to be a part of it.
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I like my school because people and students in school are awesome. I would like if my school is academically stronger.
Teachers in my school are nice people, they always care about us,help us if we need help, and make surprises for us. They are our friends.
many of the teachers read the book they do not actually teach anything.
They care more athletics than they do education.
The quality of the school buildings are fairly decent. The buildings are small, but they are clean. They are nothing to brag about, but it's also nothing to complain about. Last year, each student had their own iPad, but now we all have to share a selected few. This school only has one guidance counselor and she is not the best. She's probably in her late 60's and she is known to encourage the students to do their best in school. She is really out to help us succeed and everyone is lucky to have her as a guidance counselor. The only college prep resources that my school provides in dual enrollment. Liberty will pay for selected students to take two classes during their senior year. Tutoring is offered almost everyday to any student who is interested. There is a parent-teacher association to help the parents be apart of the school and the school activities.
The teachers at my school are average. Nothing above and beyond. They do their job and try to assist students who need help. The quality of my teachers are pretty decent. They're nice and their willing to give help when help is needed. Their teaching styles are good. The students generally learn a lot of information. A vast majority of the teachers at this school have or are working on obtaining their Master's in their desired major. They communicate with the students fairly nice and they know how to teach students in a productive manner. The teachers are usually consistent in grading, even though many students would like if they could grade papers and tests quicker.
There literally is no violence at my school. There is occasional bullying, but nothing excessive. At the most, someone will talk about someone in a negative way. There are rarely no physical fights. Everyone feels safe at my school. Yes, we may have minor problems like food safety, but that's around it. Since my school only has around 200 students, there really is no need to have a school nurse. My school is within a 5 minute walking distance from the hospital. If a student is sick the he will call home, then his parents will pick him up.
The school administration is decent. Nothing to brag about. The principal and the office staff are usually involved in many activities. The guidance counselor tries her best to get the students on track and she tries to help us succeed. Bullying is not a problem at my school. Since there is around 50 students in the entire high school, we all tend to lean away from the drama aspect of school. The dress code at Liberty is very strict. Students must wear loose fitting khaki, navy, or blue slacks and a green, yellow, blue, white, grey, or black polo with the schools logo placed on the left side of the shirt. If a student has a 18 unexcused absences then they are not permitted to move onto the next grade level.
My school does not provide much extracurricular activities. The only main extracurricular activities that my school provides is yearbook club, Student Government, Theater, debate, and many sports teams. My school has a girls basketball, boys basketball, girls volleyball, boys soccer, girls soccer, and a track team. The only really committed sport here is boys basketball. Other than that, everyone plays just for fun. The most popular and fun options are watching the games.
It's fairly easy to get into this school if you have the money. If you're looking to get into this school on a scholarship, it can be difficult, but it is not impossible. The application process is fairly easy, short, and reasonable. The only academic requirements for this school is that you can not pass the grading year if you do not have an unweighted GPA of a 2.0. If one would want to find an easy way to get into this school then he would have to be able to pay for the tuition and have a good past. Having a bad past with the police or the law may hinder your chances of getting in.
I dont believe anyone feels unsafe at our school.
They make sure everyone is ensured a great education.
The school can use a few improvements. Its older.
I know that all my teachers have my best interest.
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The school can't offer all sports but is enjoyable
Liberty Christian Academy works with what it has and does its best to protect the students.
Liberty Christian Academy is improving in its sports programs, and it is trying to get more people involved to support the growing activites.
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