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I loved the teachers and clubs that were offered along the way! I feel the school puts more money into sports than they do into STEM programs, the arts, and the clubs at the school. This was very frustrating as an art student when we would run out of supplies close to the art show.
I LOVE LCA and I am so thankful for the opportunities that the Lord has given me when I moved here. I’ve been so blessed to have made lots of friends and everyone’s is so welcoming and inviting. The Christian atmosphere is amazing too; especially at chapel in Thursdays. I would DEFINITELY recommend LCA to anyone and everyone: Christians and non-Christians.
Liberty Christian Academy offers a good education by caring teachers and administration. The school has an excellent history, science and fine arts departments. The school is improving in mathematics.
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Liberty Christian Academy, although not perfect, is a school filled with many genuine teachers and admin who want to see students succeed
I love the the diversity at this school. We have international students from various countries, and my family has been able to host a few who have attended this school. Because I want to pursue an ESL career, I enjoy getting to spend time with the international students here.
I love LCA because the atmosphere there is so loving and is filled with the spirit! Students really care for each other and teachers communicate worth and communicate to students how much God loves them! This school teaches kids how to live out the gospel and share the gospel.
I couldn't take the classes that challenge me because i was new and didn't seem fit while the classes i took were the easiest classes i ever took. most of my teachers were nice but the extreme focus on football, student cliques, and pressure to go to LU is so real. the hallways are so narrow and 100 students always got caught in traffic on the way to class. unless its related to sports, the students are never encouraged to do anything *fun* with school spirit. most of the students seem miserable. there is extreme separation between the grades. the school loves to stick it's logo anywhere it can and it is very obvious. the faculty was invasive during my interview to get in and didn't take, "i'm not comfortable with talking about that" for an answer. the faculty is intense with safety precautions. being too human could disrupt the perfect appearance of a school with dollars and happy students.
Liberty Christian academy is a great school to send your kids to as it has a great base for kids to grown and learn in a safe environment. The uniform policy teaches the importance of being well dressed when you somewhere and not dressed in your pajamas. The only change I would make about Liberty Christian Academy is their policy on no facial hair.
Great School overall. Don’t come if you want to take AP classes because they don’t have any. The teachers are decent. Great Christian environment where the counselors take on serious questions from a Christian viewpoint. Diversity is ok. I’d say it’s 70% white 25% Asian and 5% African American.
Liberty Christian is a great place to grow in knowledge in studies and walk with God. Teachers are there for all students to succeed giving time and passion to each student.
Liberty Christian Academy is a great school with godly teachers and administration. I love that the school is full of quotes and verses in the hallways to inspire the students to do their best and put the Lord and others first. If I could change anything about LCA, I would want to have more open discussion in our Bible classes.
s all the time. It is a great Christian environment and not only do we learn academics but our school allows us to learn about Jesus and trains us to go out and tell other about Christ.
Our son will be starting his third year this fall and we are so excited with his growth and development the past two years. Academically, he is excelling in all subjects, and this is due in large part to the amazing teachers on staff. The curriculum is well suited for tremendous growth; the teachers do not let students get behind. They are always willing to extend extra time to work with your son or daughter on something they may struggle with. Not to mention the accessibility of the staff, from teachers, to administration is excellent. There is a clear line of open communication, any need you may have is very quickly and easily addressed. The school is actively working on implementing new sports, groups, and clubs for the younger elementary kids, which is an excellent bonus. My son has made a lot of close friends, and even more so, the parents of the children are all so friendly and welcoming. We are very thankful our son attends Liberty Christian.
LCA is a great place to learn, all the teachers are super nice and really care for each and every one of us. The academics are taught at a great rate with Christian teachings blended in.
Liberty Christian Academy is friendly environment for students to grow physically and spiritually. The teachers are dedicated to help each student in their areas of interest.
This was the best experience of my life. All the teachers are very supportive, and love the Lord with all they have which makes it all the better. It's Just amazing to see the way that God works in this place.
I only had two years at LCA but these two years have been some of my favorite school years! The people I have met I know I will take through life with me. I gave it a 4/5 rating because obviously no school is perfect, but I love it! I do wish; however, that they had more clubs.
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The teachers were the best part of the school. The lunches were overpriced, and trying to make friends in the school was a nightmare. If one didn't fit in with the sports crowd, they were unnoticed by the administration. While challenged academically and prepped for college classes through dual enrollment, if a student was unable to qualify for such courses, they were not challenged at all. Overall, if I didn't have such amazing teachers, I would have dreaded attending every day. The costs of the school did not outweigh the benefits of attending.
Outstanding school! The teachers and administrators are very supportive and great role models for the students.
I have been at LCA my entire school career. Teachers are welcoming and very nice and inspire you to grow in your faith as well as adcademics. I love all of the activities and honors classes that lca offers to help those who want to get into top schools.
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