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All four of my children went on from here to college. They were well enough prepared to meet the rigorous demands of graduate school as well, having been taught early to stack time wisely with community service. They now have careers as teacher, Emergency Medicine physician, medical office manager and soon, a dentist. We are, now, looking forward to the day our grandchildren can attend!
Liberty has helped me to find confidence as I prepare to move forward into the future. While it can feel like a lot of work, it does help you to excel.
Liberty Charter School has amazing academic standards that prepare students for college and adulthood. Teachers, clubs, and administration work together to ensure that students learn and grow from the material taught, all while promising a safe and educational learning environment. Although the academic portion of Liberty is phenomenal, more students should be encouraged to join school clubs and activities, whereas school athletes should not be noticeably favored over others.
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My experiences here at Liberty have been fabulous, but of course, every school has its ups and downs. My final year here has taught me that I don't quite fit in with my class. With all the classes I have with just my graduating class, always makes me feel separate from them. This has left me sad, but brave. I want to make something of myself in this world, not what they want. So overall, I've learned to be me, do the right thing no matter what, and to follow my dreams.
The school is awesome! I loved going to Liberty as a foreign exchange student from Bangladesh! It has provided me with so many new opportunities to explore, and engage in a rather interactive academic curriculum than the one I used to have in Bangladesh. Love the teacher faculty and administration, and how involved they are in each student's life enabling them to flourish more. Their valuable guidance helps them to access their full potential as well as utilize them in a tremendous way! I LOVE Ms. Larson for how cooperative she's been towards me as I was trying to cope with the entirely new system of education. A HUGE thanks to the teachers for being so patient answering all my noob questions! Overall, I just LOVE the school for how warm, welcoming, and caring, each and every one of them are. The way they so graciously open their arms towards the foreign exchange students from all around the world, every school year, paints a picture of how open minded they are towards diversity.
Liberty Charter is a great school that offers many dual credit college classes through NNU, CWI, and BSU.
It's a good school. Good people good teachers. It's small though , so you dont get very many different kinds of people. It a great environment though. Family like.
Liberty Charter pushes you to succeed every day, they want there students to become the best they can.
Liberty Charter School is a very good school academically. For being such a small school, 150 students in high school and 6 full time teachers, they offer a wide variety of courses that allows students to get ahead in classes. Teachers and staff challenge us to be the best that we can be. Like any other high school, there are favorites and cliques, but unlike other high schools it is not at an extreme level.
Liberty Charter School is an amazing school, I transferred there after my freshman year of high school and now I put my life into two categories: Before Liberty Charter and After Liberty Charter. All of the teachers are willing to help outside of school hours and students feel as if the teachers really want them to succeed. The only thing about Liberty that I would say is negative is that it doesn't have very many resources for college readiness and that some and only few of the teachers and administration pick favorites and joke to harshly with other students.
The teachers at Liberty are amazing and honestly care about their students' success
It was a good experience, though I wish the kids were friendlier.
teachers are great. quite helpful. i had a good time
It's committed to what it does.
The people definitely mashes this school the best. The education is fantastic!
minimal bullying, the biggest thing students suffer from is feeling stupid based on grades.
Almost all the student are involved in one of the above
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Don't go here if you already struggle with academics, it is a float or sink environment.
The teachers are very qualified and are kept on their toes by administration
I worked very hard and got very good grades in this school, but because some the teachers labeled me very early as "irresponsible" it was very difficult and unenjoyable for me to be in this school. I am very motivated and I love learning, but it seemed that at this school the individual was not very important. Everything was done to help the school as a whole, to make the school look good. I loved some parts of the school such as the small school atmosphere and there are a few great teachers at this school, but because the principal micromanages the teachers it is very difficult for them to teach content correctly for pure learning purposes.
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