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Liberty Center High School Reviews

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I have enjoyed my high school experience. I have currently been working on "distance learning" due to the Covid-19 pandemic. I have a great appreciation for my small school atmosphere. Our teachers are there to instruct us and help us grow into great young men and women. If you need one on one help, all you have to do is ask! Having our teachers live and work in our small community is fun to see. You can see our teachers and administrators at any of our school sporting events, fundraisers, or community activities. They become your friends over the years. I think our whole community benefits from the "small town" feel. Our school is in all one building, so as a senior I can see all the way down to our kindergarten kids that attend also. It is a joy to go to Liberty Center and I hope to send my children there some day.
Small town high school, mostly friendly environment, mostly talented and motivated and valuable teachers. Staff, parents, and superintendent extremely focused on sports. Nice new school building, but not very state-of-the-art.
The teachers were always understanding, and helped me when I needed it. I'm so grateful that my parents put me in this school!
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Overall, my experience at Liberty Center High School has been great. I like the environment, academics, and athletics. This is the first year in our new school facility. In our new school, classes are easy to find and activities run more easily. If there was one thing I could change about LIbergty Center High School, it would be the number of social events and activities. Our school has a homecoming dance and a prom every year. However, it would be so much more fun if the entire school could come together and have fun more often.
Liberty Center is a nice school. Especially moving into a new school, it makes school a lot more enjoyable. The teachers are a lot of fun and make class fun. It is school, but it isn't bad. Plus the community is great!
My high school experience at Liberty Center has been great. It is a small school and everybody knows everybody. The fall is my favorite time of year at Liberty because it is football season and there is a ton of school spirit. Kindergarten through 12th grade is all in the same school which I like a lot because we all really get to know each other and this makes our school closer. There is no to little fighting throughout the school year. It is a very safe place for children to go to school. The only downfall is that the facilities are not very good, but the new school is almost done so that should not be a problem in the future. I have had an overall positive experience throughout all my years attending Liberty Center. When I am older, I am definitely having my children go to Liberty Center because it is such a great atmosphere.
I enjoyed raising my two students in this school district. It has excellent educators and administrators. They care about our students education and have their best interests at heart. We have great coaches and athletes and strive to be the best in our league.
Special Ed stay away will treat child poorly!
Football is all that matters in this town.
I've had a great high school experiance.
My school has security cameras, visitor sign in, door buzzers, and is locked during the school day. One thing that I don't like is that no one really monitors who comes into the school in the morning when students are arriving. Anyone can walk in without being asked to sign in.
Most of the clubs that I am involved with meet during school hours. I have done cheerleading all four years of high school and I loved it. My coaches were great. One problem we did have was with the administration. They didn't really take the cheerleaders seriously and never supported us. The cheerleading program was definitely at the bottom of the totem poll.
I like my school because it is small. You get to know the teachers and students better than I think you would at a larger school. Everyone at Liberty Center is nice and willing to help one another. One thing that I wish was different was people's creativity. It seems as if everyone is the same and nothing is unique about them. This could have to do with living in a small town, but no one ever tries to think outside the box. If I had to do it all over again I would choose this school.
The teachers at my school are always open to helping and will take time to work with students regarding their questions. Some of the teaching styles at my school are difficult and are hard to understand. Everyone learns different, but there are a few teachers that I struggled with because of how they taught their lessons.
I have played football for four years and I have loved every moment of it. This ties in with the schools due to the tradition that the school has with football. Every student is required to keep the grades up in order to play sports and the coaching staff pushes this among us students. We are required to bring the coaching staff our grades and if we start to fall behind the coaching staff pushes us back in the right direction.
The teachers at Liberty Center care about the students. I feel that the teaching staff has taught me very well and I have been able to grow with them. The teachers have the ability to change the life of their students by being compassionate and caring and I think that I have been treated well and I can say the same for others around me. We do have some issues such as continual chasing of rules and regulations at the school but with the change in the teaching staff I am guessing that is to be expected.
My overall experience at this school was okay. I met a lot of new people and old people. everyone cared about everyone.
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There are many different options for foods.
No matter what situation you may be in the teachers and staff are willing to help you in any way they can. weather it be being bullying or having problems at home. they are always there to help. There are many disciplinary actions that take there course if people disobey the rules. each kid knows what the rules are and if you break them they have certain disciplinary actions that are being considered.
Every liberty center tiger town folks support everyone. Liberty Center is known for its tiger pride. Weather you win or you lose the teams are very ok with it. They all support each other at each of are games.
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