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Liberty-Benton High School Reviews

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I've gone to Liberty Benton since kindergarden. I've loved every teacher I've had and learned so much from all of them. Once I got to highschool, I started loving school even more. The High School teachers really make sure to give their students enough resorces and help that they need for each indivual student needs to suceed at their own rate!
The overall school environment allows optimal conditions for students. The school pride is immense and all students and staff and welcoming and well educated. There are high moral standards put into place that allow a great high school experience, focusing on growth of each individual and the student body.
The school experience overall was very good, teachers are comprehensible and help you do your work. I came from very far and it hasn't been hard to adjust, and although people do base a lot of things from stereotypes it isn't that big of a problem.
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Liberty-Benton is a small high school of around 450 students. The school contains countless incredible educators and has a magnificent staff.
Liberty-Benton is a very student-oriented school. With many student-body activities, such as 'STRIDES' the faculty always try to connect with their students and build bonds. Students trust teachers with more than just homework questions with the school's open-door policy for all student services. The school district is converting to paper-less technology and students have their own devices whether it is a tablet or laptop. Online classrooms make it easy to make-up any missed work and know what is happening in the class when you are absent. Liberty-Benton loves their sports and takes tremendous pride in their accomplishments. Going to this school feels like another home, just with homework!
Liberty Benton High School is one of the best in the district. We are very very good in sports and out records are amazing. The academics are well organized and we all score very high on state exams. The seniors are ready for college due to the excellent teaching by our teachers. The administration is helpful and you can tell that they care about each person as a whole. The grades interact well, and there is little to no bullying going on day to day. Liberty Benton is the best, and I am a proud student.
Liberty-Benton High School does an amazing job at making sure everyone is included in everything and that everyone can work together and get along. The staff are very nice and are always there for students. They do whatever they can to help them through the schoolwork. The school also has clubs that can get you more involved with the community as well and have a day dedicated just for leadership and working with others.
I wouldn't have rather went to any other school. It is definitely the greatest high school in NW Ohio. All of the teachers and coaches are great, they truly care about your success. The sports at Liberty Benton are excellent.
I went to Liberty-Benton my whole life, and while I did not have any terrible experiences, I didn't always have the best time at this school. The staff was very helpful when help was needed. However, I don't feel as though I was very prepared for college. Being a college student now, I am discovering some unexpected turns. For example, my high school did not prepare me for the vigorous note-taking that I have experienced in college. I wish my high school would have had a class that helped with time-management, and taught students how to prioritize and learn to get the large amount of work handed to us done in an efficient, and less stressful way.
Liberty Benton High School was an okay high school experience. Academics wise it did not prepare me for college. The teachers simply taught and gave grades to pass kids not to have them learn. The sports programs were excellent but High School is about learning not playing sports.
We don't have any problems, but they keep us safe
I was involved in FFA and it was always fun.
The best thing about the school was the Ag program
There are always there to help and inspire you
I think that there are clubs that provide students with great oppurtunities. We have Z-club and nation honor society which lets students participate in helping community. We also have Strides which is a great system that helps students interact outside of the classroom. The students are paired with others from different classes and they are all encouraged to work together to help the community and participate in fun activities. It teaches students how to be sociable and how to work as a team.
I would chose to attend Liberty-Benton High School again because of the amazing music program. I have been involved in choir sicne 6th grade and it has been a great expereince. I joined the musical for two years and I made a lot of friends in the process. I joined marching band my senior year and it was one of the best choices I 've made even though it was my first time being in band, ever. I think that the music teachers are fantastic, understanding, and supportive. It's easy for a student to join the music program and feel right at home even without experience.
Most of the teachers at Liberty-Benton are great at their job. There are a few teachers that give their absolute best and always put the students first. A lot of the teachers have good relationships with the students; they give the students adults to look up to and go to for support.
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There are a lot of extracurricular activities in this school and they all strive to be the best they can be.
This school is good because it cares about all of it's students. I would choose this school again because I feel accepted.
The overall quality of teachers is pretty good. Their teachings styles work well for me. They are very knowledgeable in the topics they teach. They are interested in their students and have good communication skills. Sometimes their grading can be inconsistent, but that is not often.
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