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Liberty Bell Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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The small community makes it easier to connect with teachers and other members of the staff. They definitely make sure to give you the tools you need to graduate.
Liberty Bell is unique and small. I have grown up with my teachers as coaches and mentors. I have personal connection to all my peers in my small class. I have gotten to make friendships with an economically diverse group of people due to the small class size. Yet the small class sizes have a lack of cultural diversity, this has led to ignorance in many classmates. There is also a lack of opportunities, we don't have clubs or organizations like other larger schools. Some teachers come to class unprepared and have bad classroom management, while others are challenging and engaging. In areas of art and English I feel fully prepared for the future, but in science I fall short. Although the lack of challenge in school, I do feel that Liberty Bell is extremely inclusive, there is little bullying and the school environment as a whole is friendly and approachable.
I grew up in the Methow and I always wanted to do my very best. The teachers were always so helpful and kind, and very understanding when I asked for help. I left LBHS with a lot of good memories, and I find myself reminiscing on them all the time. The classes were immersive and understandable, and to study with my peers in such an environment really helped me grow into who I am today.
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My expericent over the last two years has been grate. There are many teachers who suport you throught the year. And espcially collage counsular help us understand all the steps we need to take in order to take collage and why it benifitable.
Liberty Bell is very much different from other Okanogan County High Schools in that high academic achievement is well considered. Students who do well are also well-liked and respected, instead of being teased or just ignored. Each class has a group of students that attend high-level Universities and Colleges. Additionally, it is a school which there is lots of political diversity. The small town feel makes it so that each class is fairly close-knit and because they have grown up together. However, the 7th and 8th grades are in the same building as seniors, making it so that 18-year-olds and 12-year-olds are using the same classrooms, bathrooms etc. I haven't heard of any problems yet really, but it seems odd and maybe a little unsafe.
Small classes, good teachers lots of interaction with the community and I feel ready to go to college!
Liberty bell has small classes, which is nice. Students have a better chance at interacting with teachers and making connections. Liberty bell has a huge bullying problem though. Through online and face to face. Teachers have been known to put down students and make them feel like they aren't smart enough. Liberty bell does have a good range of classes that may interest different students. Between off campus construction and welding, to forensics classes and advanced art and video productions. The superintendent makes it his job to put a name to every face and make sure he personally takes time to meet everyone and make them feel at home. Overall, liberty bell is a great school in a small community, but does have reoccurring issues that need to be handled instead of pushed away.
The teachers all know you better because we are a small school, so they care about your individual success whatever it takes. We are an open minded school community that encourages involvement in valley life outside of school.
The academics were excellent! The teachers were very knowledgeable and very friendly and approachable. The extracurriculars were somewhat lacking, they had a very weak music program. This was understandable, though given the fact that there was not a lot of funding. The friends I made made up for that, as well as my senior project!
Being in the same school district since kindergarten has made me realize that although my school isn't perfect, I've made so many connections with the people around me that I wouldn't want to change a thing.
It alright, because of rural area most students partake in alcohol and drug use occasionally at gatherings.
I love all the options that the school has to offer to the students.
There are some things that they don't handle well.
Everything is getting redone in the next year so all the facilities are going to get upgraded.
Friendly, helpful and know what they are teaching. They truly care about the students as well.
The school offers a different club for all types of students. Whether it's volunteering for key club, designing the yearbook, partaking in deep discussions in philosophy club, cheering at the home basketball games or reciting in the poetry out load meetings there are plenty of activities that students can join. When and doubt there is a club for it.
This school offers a vide variety of extracurricular activities that are fitted for everyone. There are sports, football, soccer, basketball, wrestling, softball, baseball, track and field, and cross country. There are other great activities however. For example we have a key club, we have a knowledge bowl team, we have a speech and debate team, we've recently even added a poetry out loud contest. Since we are such a small school there are no try outs for teams and so this gives everyone a chance to have some contribution to whatever activity they choose and I think this is what really makes the extracurricular activities great.
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The school has great facilities for learning and fitness. The school building is mostly good. The heat can sometime be poor and there or other minor problems sometimes. There are great staff support and good college prep resources. Our guidance counselor is very strong.
My experience at this school so far is fairly positive. I have had trouble with some teachers in the past but overall they are all helpful. The school has a great amount of classes to be offered online and off. There are also great resources for the students. the staff does a great job making sure the students are safe. I will in some ways my school would be stricter on some rules but they are decent at discipline.
Overall our school is relatively healthy. There is low bullying, the building is mostly secure for intruders. I feel pretty safe at my school. Our nurse is also the nurse for the elementary school due to our small community. She is mostly at the elementary school. Our activities director fills in when there are serious issues like broken bones or other health problems.
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