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Teachers are too strict. Multiple accounts of teachers ordering students to not use their phones after school. In addition, schedule and classes seem iffy. Schedule composes of every class every day. This causes more stress in students forcing them to work at least 5-6 hours of homework right after school in order to maintain their grades. Not only that, but academics and technology at Liberty Baptist School are highly outdated. Compared to other schools that use laptops and student work online, Liberty still uses old school academics. Please don't go to this school. Go somewhere with advanced technology. Public schools are free and have higher quality in education where on the other hand, Liberty tuition is about $1000 for lower quality in education.
I love being at Liberty Baptist School. There is a family culture that is rare in schools. Discrimination and bullying are absent. Teachers are friendly, and parent involvement is great. To improve itself, the school could add more teachers, add more highschool classes and activities, and market itself more effectively than it has in the past.
Liberty Baptist School is awesome because of the class sizes. The student to teacher ratio is small enough to where each student is guaranteed to learn the lesson and ask questions at any point in time. The environment of Liberty Baptist is very welcoming and just energetic. Everyone knows everyone at this school, so it's a tight knit community. The teachers are very open to answering any of your questions and happy to help with your schoolwork.
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Since it was a Christian school, ideas such as pre-marital sex, evolution, and acceptance of other religions was completely foreign and unacceptable.
Student services and programs could be much better, because they should actually engage with students more. Regarding safety, it is adequate.
The physical education staff was randomly selected and they were poorly educated.
After I graduated from this school, it was as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Now I can finally start my future.
The school condemned those who did not believe in Christianity and instilled a fear in their students. Possibly, the worst school in the Bay Area.
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