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At Liberty Academy, all of the teachers are willing to help all of the time and teach at my learning pace. They are also willing to negotiate with you to help you with your grade averages, especially the college professors. Though we may not like the administration we know that they are just doing their jobs and that if they really didn't like us they wouldn't have adjusted the dress code so that we could be more comfortable when we went to school. However, I think Liberty Academy could improve the amount of free time we have. We have five minutes to get to each class so there's not much time to talk with our friends if we go to separate classes. We also have a 30 minute lunch period but we spend most of our lunchtime in the lunch line. Therefore, I think Liberty should add another lunch line, and maybe open gym once a week.
While it does have its downfalls, Liberty is an excellent place for anyone seeking extra support in the academic area. The teachers put true effort into their classes and care about the students' understanding and comprehension of the material. I have learned something valuable from every teacher that I have had here.
I would like to see the security levels and overall vibe of administration to change on the Liberty campus, these changes would benefit both the morale of staff and students.
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Attending Liberty High School has given me the opportunity to grow socially and academically in a way that I do not think I would have been capable of in a larger school environment. Due to the charter program at this campus and a rigorous 4-year curriculum, my classmates and I were able to achieve our college associate degrees two weeks before our high school graduations. Due to smaller class sizes, the teachers and staff are more accessible and involved. Being with the same faculty gives everybody the opportunity to really get to know one another , and the teachers really do care about our success. Students are not just numbers at this campus- We are "their kids." We are family.
I like that Liberty Academy offers the dual credit classes and allows us to further advance our education.
It's okay, very strict. No extracurricular activities. Have the opportunity to obtain Associates Degree. Sometimes staff can be mean but other than that it's a pretty chill school.
It's an amazing school where the teachers care that you pass. Its a great place to be able to focus on your grades without any distractions.
The things that I like about Liberty Academy is that the school is small with about 18 to 20 students in each class and since the classes are so small the teachers are able to help their students one on one and do not treat the students like another number. If you attend Liberty you have the chance to take college classes.
This is the best school I could ever attend. The teachers are amazing and care about your success. This school gives young adults the ability to catch up on their credits and pays for students in the ECC program to receive free college. If the student stays on track they could graduate with an Associate's degree. This school help guide you in a successful direction for your future!
The teachers and the way they give lessons are excellent. There is only one problem I have with the school, every time it rains the walkways get flooded and my shoes always get wet. The principal should ask for the sidewalks/walkways to be remade, it would be great if they did.
It's a pretty good school, but it is very stressful and you have to work extremely hard and give up some free time to be successful.
I love Liberty Academy, I have been going here for 4 years and the teachers are amazing and so nice. I have really thrived here.
It is a good school. It has small classes, teachers go in early and stay late, and the staff helps as much as they can. It is a lot of
stress, but it is worth it.
Liberty Academy offers an early college program which allows students to begin taking college classes when they are freshmen. If the student stays on track, they can graduate with a college degree at no cost of their own. The high school will pay for all of their classes as long as the student has good grades and is well behaved. This sounds good, however, all of the staff is constantly throwing it in your face, even if you are paying for your own classes. Also, they advertise as being a small school, which brings a lot of students to the school. However, they have brought in many students who are not early college, so now the school is much larger than they said it would be. Also, some of the teachers there do not seem that qualified to be teaching students. The school also offers very few clubs, and does not have any extracurricular activities, such as sports or band.
There are lots of clubs.
The clubs rarely meet, and when they do it is for maybe thirty minutes. The administrators are overbearing as well.
It is a lot more work than most other schools, but the classes are small so students get to know each other well.
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All the teachers are available almost any time, and they will help you with anything as long as you ask.
Aside from the lack of armed security, the policies in place seem to be well functioning and planned out.
The extracurricular activity I fond to be the most interesting would be the National Honor Society. Of the few organizations and clubs this would likely be the one that student and teachers are mostly involved in. It assists students in gaining a greater appreciation for their lifestyle through community service, and encourages above average grades.
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