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The 2019-2020 school year is the first year my sons have attended Libertas. Both of my boys are autistic and were homeschooled. I feared letting them out into the public school system, but I can truly say the decision to have them attend Libertas has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. They are thriving and it’s an amazing transition to watch. Socially and academically they are flourishing. I love the staff and everyone makes you feel like family. This is not only a school but it’s the village that all families need.
We moved our 4-year-old into Libertas earlier this year. From day one, we've been so impressed and have decided to transition our two older children into Libertas this fall. I volunteer at the school and have had the opportunity to observe many classes. As a former educator, I love what I see. The Montessori philosophy embraces best practices in helping children love learning. Libertas fosters authentic inquiry and independence by recognizing the individuality in each student; they don't expect every child to need or want to do the same academic work at exactly the same time. I see caring, creative, and experienced teachers in the floor, giving individual lessons to each student. I see classrooms full of beautiful, hands-on materials that help kids learn concepts in concrete sitting in a desk for hours here! I see kids going on field trips, learning to tend a garden, creating art, making music, and PLAYING in the sunshine. We're excited for the coming year.
My daughter just completed the 2nd grade at Libertas in May of 2019. Her teachers were amazing...they LOVE to teach and it shows. The Montessori approach to learning was perfect for my daughter. She made some very fun friends in her class. By in large the kids got along very well together which is not always the case. The administration has very good intentions for the school and while there are lots of challenges to public charter schools, it is a very good option.
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Unfortunately this school has gone downhill over the past year. It’s real shame because it started out as a good idea. The school leader is a ego maniac who has taken over the school for his own personal gain at the expense of staff, students, andcommunity. Parents beware
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