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At this school, there is always the chance of meeting amazing people who will help you through high school like it's nothing. I have met great friends who care about me through my mental health to my grades and vice versa. Most of the teachers and staff are exceptional as well, helping me with my work and questions whenever I have them. The rest of the teachers and staff do their jobs but fail to help and clarify content for the students. Some higher staff can be difficult to contact as well, such as counselors who control the schedules of the students. Due to personal experiences with trying to have some of my questions answered about my upcoming year's enrollment, the counselors can be seen as somewhat irresponsible in my eyes. The lack of voice the minor students have make it difficult for actual concerns to come to light because all the voice comes from the students who put themselves out there for attention. This school is good for opportunities, but not the content it promises.
As a senior in high school, LHS has been an awesome school to attend. The school environment is mostly great. We are given more time to work on out studies during the day with this new flex mod schedule. My favorite thing about high school was the amount of school spirit we all have during games, spirit week, or when it comes to showing pride towards the school.
I feel that the school is pretty average. The learning can allow students to be engaged, but only to a specific few who are interested. The students sometimes don't have an option whether to take a class or not. If a student wants to seek a career in history, then I feel that they should be allowed to have more than one history class.
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Liberal high school was an ok school, they thought you what you needed to know for a post secondary education.
I absolutely love high school. I love getting involved in ohr extra curriculars and being one of the many faces our student body gets to know. I encourage future and current high school student to do the same. It is beneficial in many areas including social involvement, academics, and relationships with your teachers/administartion.
I have attended LHS all of my High School Years. We have the same pros and cons as most high schools in my opinion. However, there is an atmosphere of apathy. Most students --and their parents-- do not seem to care about grades or academic success. The newly implemented Redesign is encouraging responsibility, but not so much individuality.
This year, Liberal High School started a new program to make high school feel a little bit more like college. There have been good and bad factors in this transition. The school overall is good. The teachers and staff are great! Our principals and very good with the students as well.
There is a new schedule that is not working out the best and our school has a slight drug problem. The teachers are amazing and there is a variety of classes.
My high school experience has been a plot twist, well because I feel like every year for me was different in a way. I love how each teacher teaches you in a way you understand and this year has been the best since we got a new schedule called The Flex-mod Schedule it has brought to me many advantages like as getting extra help from teacher etc. One thing I would change is the overlaps we have this year I hate going late to my other class for having overlaps.
Liberal High school is a great high school and has many reasources to help students achieve their goals.
I love the opportunities you are offered while attending Liberal. We do have some drug and sexual issues, but they are currently being handled, so overall a good school.
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I loved the support that I got especially from the Alternative school. They supported and encouraged me to do better. When you have people believing in you it gives you more motivation to better yourself and push yourself more.
Liberal Senior High School was an above average school. There are plenty of ways to have a great experience there. Sports and school clubs were two of the best ways to make it a memorable journey. The teachers were very well picked out which provided a better learning environment for the students.
The Academic High School I attend is very good with its policies although keeping a good coach is a struggle for the School. Changing the system of the way students are trained is difficult to accomadate over and over. Which is why coaches need to be persistent and stable in our district.
I like how it's small but not too small so you get to know most of the teachers and students. The staff is very friendly and helpful.
It's not a bad school don't get me wrong. The social life in the community is average, the party scene is huge, and very clique based. The school offers lots of extracurriculars that just about anyone can find one to be in. There are lots of teachers that are extremely passionate about their jobs and aren't given so much credit while others just fly by. The parking lot can get horrendous at times but overall, its an average school.
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School was okay, I didn't appreciate some of the teacher's behaviors; rude, biased, or, sometimes, too kind. Some classes were a joke and that really hurt my GPA. The school cared more about sports than some clubs and activities, even though we weren't that great at them, which was super unfair. Not all teacher's were bad though, I learned a lot from them and I'll miss them.
High school was generally a positive experience. I learned an incredible amount of information. The down side of this high school however, was their arts programs. The Arts at Liberal High School were extremely undervalued. Faculty did not show up to plays and musicals, our speech team was not supported, and the funding for these areas became smaller and smaller. All the while the sports teams were celebrated and praised.
My experience is pretty good! I love the diversity of the school and how students get along after coming from middle school. I would to see a change the way student treat each other when they do not like each other.
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