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Liberal Middle School Reviews

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The academics at this school could be better. Some teachers lack knowledge
Sports in my town is important. We usually have a talented group of kids, and skilled coaches.
The school is prepared in this area
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The nurse is prominent for half of the day. There isnt max security in our school, but we have no reason to think we need that.
Just like in every other school, there is groups. The groups definitely do not overlap without a greater source forcing them. Many students feel the pressure of fitting in, and sometimes they will take to heart when they are still rejected.
The salad is always brown. The meat disintegrates in water.
It seems like the dress code does not apply to some students. Bullying does take place in this school, but I dont think it is a major concern.
My favorite class was science. The school is so country though, it annoys me. I would definitely not relive my Middle School years at this school.
We dont have many extracurricular activities. We have sports, and that seems to be the main concern at this school.
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