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My school is a friendly place. Everyone knows everyone and most of us grew up together. The teachers are nice and care about the students they also do their jobs well. If I could change anything about my school I would like it to be more modern. Liberal isn’t as advanced as other schools.
My experience with Liberal High School has overall been very pleasant. I really like how because we are a small school, everyone is close. We're like a big family! There are strong teacher-student relationships with a vast majority of the students with at least one or multiple teachers and vice versus. These teachers have not only developed school relationships with their students, but personal relationships. Most of the students know that they have a teacher who cares for them and would be open to helping them in any way they could. I couldn't imagine going to any other kind of school. I'm very thankful to have gotten the opportunity to go to a small school!
Overall, Liberal is a small school with a very homey feel. All the teachers are more than willing to help you in and out of class, and are very personable. One thing I like about Liberal is that they are very good with trying to work to put you in classes that interest you and that will be the most beneficial for you.
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It's like your average small school. A very good community, once you meet people. The community is ready to help, if needed. School staff is very protective of it's students and want to help them.
Liberal high school is like most south west Missouri schools and is very sports oriented. It is also very Christian based and not very diverse.
Liberal is a tiny town full of love. The school receives so much support from the community it can be overwhelming at times, which is a good problem to have. I enjoyed the close relationships I was able to have with my teachers and peers. I appreciate knowing that I have gained a great education here. If I could change one thing about Liberal, I would add to the community so there would be more things for my friends and I to do. I love my small town and all it has to offer!
There are thing that I wish could be fixed, but know I they won't be; so I just live with things being ok.
I've never seen anything bad really happen at the school because of poor services and security.
I've been apart of many clubs but my favorite is the Dumbeldore's Army club. Which, if not known to you is the Harry Potter club. And it was hands down the most fun and ingaing club I've ever been in.
In my time at this school I've seen at least one bad teacher vs the rest of that subjects' teachers. When it came to that one teacher they could take me, an A/B average student, and get me to somehow get a C in the class just like that.
the teachers are great mostly but they like athlete
Its fairly safe, the nurse is between schools though
There aren't very many unique activities
Mr.Robertson is cool II haven't had any issues with him.
The sports are nice but some teachers seem to like athletes more than non athletes
The teachers are great but they don't always have a lot to work with
the cooks don't have much leeway in food options
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The teachers are very genuine in the way of caring
I LOVE Pitt State. It is a wonderful campus with wonderful teachers. The campus is beautiful and is actually expanding right now. I would recommend Pitt State to anyone!
We do not really have much of an issue with health and safety, but when the rare occasion arises, some one will be there to take care of you.
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