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I have profusely enjoyed my time at the Liberal Arts and Science Academy. Every year has provided me with new challenges and personal achievements. Not only that, but the staff and administration have a genuine care for their students, and student performances.
I really enjoyed going to LASA! It's definitely not everyone's cup of tea but I felt really prepared for college and was grateful to have so many resources available for me, especially in the college search process as well as all the AP tests preparation.
Overall great school. Academically challenging yet supportive environment. If you are willing to work hard, you can succeed here. Friend groups can be a little cliquey but not too bad for a high school. Great AP classes and college prep.
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The Liberal Arts & Science Academy has really allowed me to further excel my education beyond standard high school curriculum. The classes are very diverse and LASA creates an overall great environment.
The academic program is amazing, and almost all of the teachers are very dedicated. However, it has a high-stress environment and the administration isn't responsive to student needs.
LASA is a very good academically and challenges you. You are required to take APs starting your sophomore year. It is extremely competitive and expects a lot from you. The students get disappointed with getting 90s on tests and have high expectations. The teachers are good but they act as though their class is the most important and only one you have. The counselors are amazing and check in on the students struggling. There are academic, wellness, and college counselors to help with all aspects of your life. LASA is difficult, be prepared to be challenged but the faculty is there to help all you have to do is go to them.
Very challenging and phenomenal teachers, but generally a very competitive and unhealthy environment
The magnet program and the teachers are all very good, but the overbearing problems are funding and space. This school is really held back by the fact that we don't have our own building even while we have an increasing population.
I like how many options student have to learn what they want, the teachers are amazing, and my friends go here lol.
I am a former student of LASA, my experience was everything I could have ever asked for. Mrs. Kocian, the College application adviser, is and angel sent from heaven to bless us all. She works day and night to make sure every student that comes to her feels confident through the college application process. I am a first generation college student and without her I wouldn’t have gotten into as many schools as I did. On top of that every teacher is highly qualified in their field. Some of them have even worked in the field. Dr. Ching actually did biology research and then became a teacher, and Mr. Risinger still has his lawyer license. Mr Davis the BC Calc professor is an absolute beast, he basically wrote his own textbook for the class and I would say over 90% of his students take and get a 4 or above in the BC calc AP test. For those who do decide to apply, make it in and put the effort. LASA will be the best 4 years of their life. Where they will grow as a student and person.
Definitely the best high school experience I could've asked for. LASA fosters an incredibly diverse and inclusive community—the people here rock! Words can't describe how grateful I am for LASA. I can truly say I am well-prepared for my undergrad at an Ivy League.
This school gave me opportunities I wouldn't have access to any other school. It provided advanced and interesting classes, dedicated teachers, and connections that will last a life time. I couldn't imagine being more prepared for college.
The school is very good but can be extremely stressful and competitive. The teachers are either run of the mill or extremely good. Help is there if you need it and almost anyone is willing to help out.
The Liberal Arts and Science Academy is the top school within the Central Texas area. The combination of a rigorous curriculum and an ambitious student body creates a competitive environment in which students are pushed to achieve. I hope they change their admissions policy so that factors such as race and other "special" circumstances have no impact on admissions.
This Magnet school provided extremely rigorous coursework that allowed for preparation in college. Most of the coursework completed at this school was harder than my actual undergrad work. I would highly recommend this school to anyone that is an avid learner and gets easily bored in school. Only for someone up to the challenge.
The Liberal Arts and Science Academy is proficient in preparing its students for college and beyond. I've been able to take multiple AP classes and save time and money on colleges. The staff and faculty are incredibly insightful and have helped me with any problems I've had. However, the school is isolated from the rest of the schools in the Austin Independent School District and lacks the diverse student population of the rest of Austin's high schools.
It's very good as far as having a large selection of classes to take, and we have so many unique clubs. The school offers many opportunities from scholarships to internships to volunteering. There is so many people at the school who are there to support students and try to get them through rough times, or just get them any kind of help when they may need it. The biggest issue I see with the school is that in Austin there is a very big racial divide along I-35 and that impacts our population, being a magnet school, we get in based on an application. Students from parts of town that are mostly populated by African Americans or Latinos don't tend to have as good of schools as those in other parts of town, so they are less likely to get in, making for a school with very little diversity. Other than that, the biggest issue is that students tend to discourage themselves which can create a negative environment. Overall, LASA prepares students for college very well and the staff is amazing.
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I loved how the school pushes you intellectually but all of the teachers there are there to support you no matter what.
LASA is a fun, unique school filled with people from a bunch of different backgrounds. There's a great community among the students and teachers (who are themselves eccentric and talented educators who make classes as interesting and thought-provoking as they can) that helps build a network of learning throughout the school. I'm so glad I go there!
As a current LASA junior, the least you can say is that LASA is stressful. The LASA admin decides a lot of your classes in freshman and sophomore year, giving you the option of only choosing 1 - 2 classes of your own. However, when you get to junior year, the admin let's you, "choose your own stress" as well as keep up with their required courses (or at least types of courses), which is a big jump for many students who want to take more challenging classes. It's been a memorable 2 years so far, but there are definitely a lot of things the school cam improve on, namely diversity (which apparently has increased with the new application), and the toxic environment of LASA (when an entire grade is sharing answers for multiple things and the admin doesn't notice despite the academic dishonesty pledge, there has to be something wrong). Think of LASA as going to a high school college: there are cliques, there is a lot of stress, everyone is a mess, but apparently it's all worth it.
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