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The school is a great educational experience, with incredible rigor and amazing teachers. The only downside to LASA is the lack of funding, which affects the fine arts and sports more than academics. There are dozens upon dozens of competitive and recreational clubs at LASA, guaranteeing that you'll find a place to fit in.
LASA is an amazing school with a caring, passionate faculty and awesome students who, for the most part, love to learn. The school is lacking in diversity, and though it's working on it, needs to improve diversity in its recruiting. The best part of LASA by far is the teachers, who go above and beyond for their students and surpassed by expectations of public school teachers. The amenities are sub-par, sports and the arts are not well-funded, and the administration can put up a lot of road blocks for student learning. The Fire Academy with LBJ is amazing and one of a kind! Students' social lives vary, but most still find a balance. Most LASA parents are a little over the top, and anybody knows that the PFLASA crowd is crazy.
Academics are challenging, the teachers are invested, and it provides an opportunity to be yourself. Wide variety of classes with an emphasis on teamwork. Speakers are invited often. An opportunity is given to create your own club. There is a number of clubs for all interests. Counselors are available at all times. School spirit is evident. Would love to have the school bathrooms remodeled to be eco-friendly.
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The teachers at LASA are easily to the best part. They are passionate and engaging and make the stress and anxiety produced worth it. The administration is sometimes difficult to communicate with, so trying to fix transcript/attendance problems is a huge hassle.
LASA is a magnet high school with amazing classes and teachers. The students are hardworking and the culture is open-minded and accepting. You have to work hard to succeed, but for students who are willing to put in the effort LASA can provide a great education and preparation for life beyond high school.
LASA is a high school with a very driven student body that offers many different types of classes at a high standard of education. The community aspect of LASA is something that makes it stand out from other high schools in the area because creates a sense of unity among students by upholding unique school traditions, like the annual lip-sync video, and by fostering a shared experience among students, which comes from the challenging environment of the school. The classes push many students to achieve many different types goals that they did not think they could do, and they also are great for preparing the students for exams like the AP exams and the SATs. Although it offers many great opportunities for the students, LASA lacks diversity in its student body, especially in terms of financial backgrounds and race. I would like to see LASA push to give minorities and people from different financial backgrounds in Austin greater opportunities by creating space for them at LASA.
The liberal arts and science academy is a very academically rigorous school with many amazing teachers and a welcoming and outstanding student body
To begin, now that if I had to do it all over again I would. The sheer diversity, amount, and proficiency of the courses offered are amazing. The teachers, for the most part, only teach what they specialize in. However, the course load and expectations are too much. Every classmate has had some sort of break down and that is not an exaggeration.
An overall good experience that prepared for college in an unexpectedly profound way. Furthermore, the staff encouraged us to stay active and engaged throughout our high school careers.
I have attended the Liberal Arts and Science Academy all 3 of my high school years, (currently a Junior), and have loved every second of it. I only had a truly bad experience with 1 teacher in a subject I didn't enjoy but other than that one experience, everything has been great. The counselors are always present and willing to offer any kind of help whether it be with academics, college, or personal issues. They are constantly sending out opportunities regarding scholarships and internships and are willing to help you apply to them. The student body is extremely kind and is always willing to help each other out with stuff, from studying to just having fun. I don't think that there is a better highschool. The bathrooms are very bad despite best efforts, i'm pretty sure that there is just a ghost constantly making them messy.
Very good school. Don’t go here if you want to get into UT. The people are incredible and you will leave with so many friends and good memories.
I love a lot of the people at LASA, both teachers and students, and I definitely think I got a much better education here than I could have at one of the other public schools in my area—I’ve never really had to worry about scoring well on standardized testing and I feel prepared for college, but I think the culture can be a little toxic sometimes. There’s a lot of pressure on students by their parents and teachers to do extraordinarily well in academics even when they are much more difficult than the average high school, and it can be a hard environment for people to be in, especially with how competitive it is.
It’s a challenging school and you have to be prepared to take that on. Though it provides a lot of work, it’s an amazing school. They teachers are great and they teach you very well. The assignments may seem like a lot but it’s actually not when you you understand the topic so well, and that’s what the teachers do, their job very well.
The climate of LASA is unmatched. Teachers are very supportive and help you with work and provide clear supplies to access them. There are many opportunities for students to join clubs and activities and the course selection is very broad.
I have 2 daughters at LASA. I have 4 kids and we have moved several times, so my kids have attended 4 different high schools. LASA has excellent teachers, rigorous academic requirements, and extremely talented students. LASA will academically challenge even the most ambitious high school student and definitely prepare students for college. Unfortunately, AISD and LASA suffer from not enough resources, but the administration and the staff do a lot to make up the difference, making LASA one of the best high schools in the USA.
Unique atmosphere due to smaller classes and graduating classes. Very impressed with CERTAIN teachers but new teachers are often u prepared and place heavy burdens on students. Grateful for my four years here and all that is has taught me.
Overall good school. Staff is helpful, teachers are committed to your individual growth. Student body is extremely competitive and self-deprecating. Heavy course load but causes you to develop time management. It’s as hard as you make it but there’s a niche for everyone.
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The teachers were absolutely fantastic. They inspired, encouraged and and supported students in all aspects of their lives. Our counseling team was also incredibly strong. The school fostered a strong culture of connection amongst its students, and this fostered lasting friendships as well. Clubs were extremely varied as well ad effective and there was support to expand one's learning through extracurricular activities.
Great environment with a lot of support from teachers. The last four years have been a wild ride here.
What they say is that LASA is the number one public school in Texas, and honestly, this isn't incorrect. Almost every single teacher I have had has cared so so much about their classes and their students, and the entire school feels like such a tight knit community.
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