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I liked that the class sizes were small. I didn't like that there weren't that many AP classes offered, even though I know they're trying to get more.
The teachers at Libby High School dedicate all their time to helping their students succeed, in and out of class. Even when students are unwilling to learn, teachers continue to push the students that want the best education possible. Each teacher's different teaching style makes learning interesting.
My four years of high school has been an awesome learning experience to my knowledge and building life long skills.
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I loved that my teachers were interactive and that really spurred me on to keep learning and growing as an individual. I wish that there were more programs that were available and that there were more opportunities in the music field.
It has a very community orienated mind-set, but overall it is just an okay school. I fell behind in math because my teacher did nothing to teach us and the administrators did nothing to reprimand the teacher for not helping us. The school is also very sports related, if you don’t do sports, you don’t matter. Music, band, Science Olympiad, and other activities are not supported or shown off like sports are. Even within sports, if you aren’t apart of the right sports you aren’t supported as well.
Libby High School is very active in both sports and academics. I really enjoy the availability of many advanced courses along with internship opportunities. The teachers and staff are very positive and active with the students helping kids get involved. When students have an issue the teachers voice these opinions to the administration. Some things I wish to see change in the future include more support in the art and music departments. Are sports teams get adequate funding while the art programs require several areas of student funding. I would also like to see the school take more steps towards college readiness. This could be accomplished by speeding up notes as well as having more reports. Increasing the number of reports would help students with format and making deadlines.
I love Libby High School because I have tons of friends, both teachers and students, from all age groups. I also got introduced to football here and finished my first season as a lineman. Now, encouraged by my linemen coach, i go to the weight room 1-3 times a week so i can put on muscle for next season so that we can win the games, enter the playoffs, and eventually and win the championship. -Hunter Rehl
While I love this town for its small town feeling it is an overall average school. teachers are overall great but the amount of troubled kids can make the experience quite disruptive. But I would chose no other school to spend my high school career.
Alot of sickness in the area, but overall sanitation and security of the school is average
Little to no parent involvement in this school or the organizations
The art teacher, and US History teacher were the only two teachers who actually were engaged in their students learning.
If you're in choir, you're gay. If you're in band, you're tolerated. If you're on the football team you're a laughing stock. If you're a cheerleader, you're the target of insults, and rude, sexual comments. If you play a sport, and you don't have money, have connections, or been playing since you were in the womb, then you get no playing time. Coaches are old and easily pick favorites and ignore those who are not. They need to be replaced and need to start over completely. I love choir, and participate, and do quite well. Getting a superior every year since freshman year at state. Mrs. Braun, our choir teacher, is completely awesome! She cares about the well being of students like we're her kids, and is not afraid to tell us what's up. She whips us into shape, and turns us into a pretty great choir. Mrs. Braun is probably my favorite teacher just because of how much she cares, and wants us all to succeed. She also bakes, and brings us awesome tasting treats all the time!
Unless you're the apart of the "Promise Land" freshman class, administration doesn't really care what you do. Yea, they kinda care if we graduate. Well, if you're not apart of Gear Up, then they're just counting down the days until graduation. If I had to do it over again, I would go after Mrs. Vanworthrogers came into as principal. She's great, and genuinely does care about the well being of the students. I hurt my elbow, and was in a sling, and she asked me every other day if it was getting better. One of my favorite memories from this school will probably be the lip sync at the end of our spring spirit week, as well as any and all homecoming traditions. People are okay, but most of them are nasty and mean, or simply don't care. They're simply along for the ride. My junior class is pretty grand. We're all pretty tight, and care about each other to certain extents. That will also be something I'll remember. Will be the friendships that have been created, that I hope last a life time.
Depending on the teacher, and how hard you try, or "grit" will decide how much attention, and help you get from the teacher. Or you do sports, and you're bestest buddies with that teacher coach then they'll devote a whole call to you. If you don't really try, or you're not getting something, some teachers barely even give you the time of day. If you're an average student you get by okay.
I like that this school is small so you get more one on one time with your teachers. It also make the school experience better.
Students don't really get involved and have a hard time accepting people for who they are. Most of the kids come from the same ethnic background, so minority groups are looked down on.
Some teachers teach faster than others, most have interest in their students, few teachers have different grading consistencies and some teachers encourage the student to continue in certain subjects.
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The roof leaks in the hall and in classrooms, there aren't a lot of electives to choose from, few sports to play, little to no tutoring and barely any parents get involved.
bullying takes place a lot, hard to find counselor
Teachers take their time in teaching students
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