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Wonderful community of faith and learning for our child and family, our daughter has loved her time at Lial.
Lial is the best fit for us. The level of attention my children receive is so personalized. Every student looks out for one another-things as simple as holding the door for the younger kids or helping clean up after an assembly showcases the compassionate nature Lial strives to instill.
This school is our home away from home. We love all the staff and teachers so much. And they truly love the children. Even during this crazy pandemic and remote learning, we feel supported and that the children's learning is strong as ever.
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Lial has been our home for more than 10 years... through all levels of learning, my kids' lives have been enriched by caring teachers, a wise administration, and the knowledge that God is present in the every day world around them. During this coronavirus quarantine, we miss and appreciate our Lial family more than ever. My daughter has been connected from day 1 to her teachers and friends through Google Classroom, with a well thought out, solid schedule that keeps her learning and working daily. A normal mix of video and live meetings, online resources, textbook chapters, written answers, and projects is taking place at our house, just like school! As always, the teachers are proactive and available to each one of us to meet our needs. They are showing now more than ever how much they really care. I have every confidence that Lial School Online will keep my daughter prepared for next year and the years to come!
My 4 children attend or have attended Lial. My first impression when we stepped into the school 10 years ago is that it felt like home. Catholic education was not something we were looking for, but I am so glad we found Lial. We love everything about Lial, and will be there for many years to come.
Our family has been at Lial for 9 years. Never, in a million years, did we expect our children would attend a private, Catholic school. God leads us where he knows we should be. Our children have thrived at Lial. We have found like-minded families at Lial. Lial has high expectations of the children and not surprisingly, the children rise to meet those expectations. They are taught general kindness and respect. We love the family feel of our school.
I have two children and Lial and I can't say enough about the Lial Family. The teachers and staff are amazing. The education isn't restricted to academics, but to the development of young people learning organizational skills, responsibility and self-reliance. It is a very positive atmosphere and encourages parent involvement. It is a small school with a big heart!
Lial is a community! that is what I like best. Teachers, parents, students, administration are all working together to create a caring community, an environment where children can be their best selves. I love going to school every day.
My son is in 1st grade and is in his third year at Lial. He loves school and is thriving there. Lial gives a child the tools for learning and high expectations but also the freedom to work it out in their own way
Lial has been a wonderful place for my entire family. The multi-age, continuous progress philosophy allowed my sons to grow into confident learners. Their success in high school and beyond was achieved because of the great foundation they received at Lial.
This is the best bang for your buck! Multi age classrooms, passionate teachers who know each student individually, gorgeous setting that allows for outdoor learning opportunities, not your regular, run of the mill school - education and so much more!!!
My daughter and son attended Lial and I can't say enough about how Lial prepared them for higher education and overall life. The academics are top notch at Lial making the transition into high school easy. Additionally, both children felt comfortable getting up in front of groups and speaking because Lial offers this opportunity starting in Readiness. It was second nature for my kids. The high school teachers always commented that both children would say good morning as they entered the classroom and thank you as they left. Lial reinforces the values that you teach your children at home. Lial develops the whole child and helps your children be the best child God intended s/he to be!
We were hoping to find a dynamic school, with Montessori teaching principals, for our three boys when we relocated from Texas. Our family feels truly blessed to have found Lial. It is a place where our children can grow their faith and continuously be challenged to give their personal best.
A child-centered school environment! Strong philosophy of meeting individual needs with gentleness while building confidence. Values and spirituality are infused throughout the curriculum. The best!
My wife and I are on the waitlist and plan to enroll our daughter into pre-kindergarten in the fall of 2019.

Anyone considering a private education needs to tour this school. It is very neat. There were at least 1 or 2 parents in every classroom that we visited. (You’ll never see that in a typical public school.). Lial loves parental participation and they try to create a family-like atmosphere. In fact, they limit the use of fluorescent lights in the classrooms and even call the rooms “family rooms.” The grades are also mixed together in a way similar to Montessori.

We are very excited to join Lial!
My daughter has attended Lial for 5 years now. I had her on the waiting list at 18 months! We absolutely LOVE the school, teachers and atmosphere. Everyone is equal here and the people become family.
Lial is an outstanding school. I attended Lial as a child and I am proud to be experiencing it now as a parent. My children are receiving an excellent education, tailored to their individual strengths and areas of growth. I cannot imagine a better environment to learn, grow and develop. Lial graduates are well prepared for the future— well beyond just getting into high school, but rather, for life. Parents are involved and genuinely enjoy their time with one another and the kids.