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I was part of the Distance Education program with Liahona. The teachers are caring and inclusive of the students on the other side of the camera. Activities were inclusive of everyone in the classroom. There is an uplifting environment where learning and growth are encouraged and discussed. Throughout my learning process, I was encouraged to adopt the skills necessary for my time in college and the workforce. My teachers encouraged me to use my talents and to connect to other distance education learners. I was able to make great friends. A change I wish the school would apply is providing activities for students to connect outside of classes and the annual youth conference.
I love how welcoming everyone is, at the school, it just makes it feel like we are all a big family. There are still different friend groups, but everyone is nevertheless kind and helpful to others. There isn't any racism or sexism- all of the teachers, students, and other staff treat the students justly. They only offer two sports: cross-country and Kung Fu, that's it, if you need a PE credit you have to go to an afterschool business or take one of those two.
excellent school, teachers, lessons, peers, great community, really nice a seminary like school, but I wanted to move on to more opportunity. price is good and for the most part it was a great fit for me.
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It is a really close knit community. The classes are not like a normal public high school. It integrates the gospel into the classroom, even in math! As you come to know everyone, you will fall in love. Also become friends with the office ladies!! They are super chill!! :)
There is no other place in the world that fosters the specific and perfect blend of individuality and unity that Liahona creates. Restoration Education lets us have an eternal perspective on our lives and the staff and students are all so incredible loving and hardworking. Everyone who is there wants to be there.
I LOVE LIAHONA! It has taught me so much academically and spiritually and I can honestly say that I am a better person from my attendance here. It has impacted my life for the better and I am so thankful for the opportunity that I have to be a Liahona Warrior.
Liahona has made me into a purer and better person. I have gained my closest friends and have become closer to my Heavenly Father. Liahona has guided me to the Savior and that means the world to me.
Liahona is an amazing place for students to learn and grow. The theatre department is amazing as well! So many championships!
I loved my years at Liahona! This school is very different than any other school I have attended. I miss interacting with all the other distance education students.
There is a friendly, warm experience at this school that is not reflected in any other school in Utah valley. Teachers take their jobs seriously and students respect the teachers. The student council makes activities fun and inclusive. Liahona is a truly special school that is on a completely different level than any public school.
You really can't beat Liahona! I'm shocked there is no score for clubs and activities... the Drama Department has won 2 straight State Championships and 5 National Championship! They are the best!
While I work at LPA, I also choose to send my children to this wonderful school. The opportunity to be taught by such empowered and inspired teachers has changed them in the best ways. Thankful I found this school to work for and send my children to!
Liahona Preparatory Academy takes what you are now and redefines it to fit your best future. They install in you a purpose to life, and distribute knowledge to prevent ignorance. They've given to me a love for America and her name, and leave me to not muddle in my own confusion concerning the principles they teach in all subjects of an education. I see life in what is dead through History, and feel what has not yet been in Science; the uncertainty I once placed in math has flown away just as much as I have partaken of the love I have for writing through English. I feel love radiate from my teachers, and the care they have placed for my welfare.
Every school can be just a little better than before, and Liahona has certainly taken advantage of that.
I love everything about this school. The professors know you and are invested in your success. They teach with passion and get you to love the subjects you're being taught. They teach you how to think not how to memorize facts. Their purpose is to raise young adults to be good citizens aware or political problems who can think for themselves while formulating their own oppions.
There is a fantastically wide selection of clubs, organizations, and groups that you can be a part of at BYU.

There are Yserve groups that work with organizations in the community to provide a huge variety of service options from tutoring teens to raking leaves to decorating book bags. Time commitments vary from group to group. Some of them require you to commit to coming at specific times, others offer more flexible times, and others are more lax, where you can just show up on a Saturday and join that week's service project. It's really rewarding to serve through one of these groups and work among such upstanding (and hot) young adults.

There are also a large number of clubs here to attract all tastes -- swing dance, Brazilian JiuJitsu, academic, artistic, religious... so definitely take a look and see what matches your interests or your schedule! It's really easy to browse through the different clubs online. Just look up "BYU clubs" and you should find a page that lets you see the various clubs and categories.

If the church wards count as an extracurricular, I would say that you can get a great experience with them at BYU. Experiences vary from living area to living area, but personally I had an amazing LDS YSA ward last year. The bishopric was very interested and involved, getting to know everybody and making sure everybody was cared for. The atmosphere as a whole in the ward was a really uplifting one to be in. Everybody was really friendly and everyone looked out for each other, and there was minimal drama. What also impressed me was the brightness of their love and commitment to Christ. It truly was a place where we were all strengthened and fed in the Gospel. Now, I'm told that this is a rare experience for even a BYU YSA ward, but from my interactions with the plethora of upstanding LDS students on campus, I am confident that it can be an experience for many others as well.
I think what made this school the best for me was the history program. The history teacher would teach us about so many things and he makes it fun and interesting and he would not only talk about history, but he would also talk about current events with us.
The teachers here are great. Especially the history teacher Brent DeGraff. He is incredible.
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This school is very safe and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else
I attended this school online so I wasn't able to participate in any extracurricular activities, but I have friends who went to the school building and participated in these activities. The drama club was incredible. The soccer (both boy and girl) teams were very good and the players seemed to have a lot of fun. The basketball team was amazing also.
The history class and teacher is outstanding at this school!! We used to have an amazing english teach, but because of health issues she had to resign and she got replaced by a teacher who only taught about two things for the whole second semester. The math is ok, but wasn't for me because I have a hard time learning math when I can't ask questions. The science was really fun, but sometimes it was kind of annoying because the teacher and class would get off topic. This school is incredible though and I do recommend it especially for the history. You will not find a better history program than the one at Liahona Preparatory Academy.
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