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L.H. Marrero Middle School Reviews

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There could use a lot of improvements at that schools. Most teachers are helpful, but some teachers I personally don't think are ready to become teachers just yet. One teacher doesn't how to teach to where the student understands it. There are about 4-5 water fountains in the main building, not counting the ones in the gym, only 2 of them work. I know for sure that at least one of the fountains have green stuff growing all over it. I won't say too much, but Marrero Middle could use a few changes. I believe I'll have to work harder for my grades than others once I get to high school.
In terms of learning, they teach basic common core subjects. There is, or atleast there was when I was there, a good after-school tutoring program that gave you snacks and provided buses home. I had an average experience going there, nothing spectacular. The only time I was really taught something interesting and that could be used in the world was when a substitute teacher taught my math class how to write a check and things related to that. Overall, it's a pretty average school.
The only foreign language taught is Spanish. The school is not at all cultured. The curriculum is not in the slightest rigorous and profound for any student
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I've always felt safe going to this school. The only thing it lacks is academic growth.
It isn't the best school but I've seen worse.
Just like every school their are pros and cons, but having went to this middle school it has mostly been cons. My freshman year in highschool I felt so unprepared and unintelligent and had to work harder than most for my grades.
Some teachers give their all and show their overall dedication to the students they teach. But some do not
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